May 23rd, 2022

Leica is a brand known by many photographers as being like the Ferrari for cameras. The company has tried to make itself and its technology more accessible by teaming up with other camera manufacturers and smartphone makers, such as Huawei where the partnership has been running for quite a long time.

Unfortunately for Huawei and Huawei fans, it looks like that partnership has since come to an end. In a statement provided to Android Authority, a Huawei representative confirmed that their partnership with Leica has officially come to an end, or rather it actually ended on the 31st of March, 2022.

It was previously reported that Huawei and Leica’s partnership could officially come to a close after the Huawei P50 series, and sure enough it looks like that happened. For those who are fans of Leica’s technology and the help that they have given Huawei, not to worry because Leica has recently announced a new partnership with Xiaomi. The partnership is expected to bear fruit later this year, but not much else is known beyond that.

In the meantime, Leica isn’t the only camera maker to team up with smartphone brands. Hasselblad, another well-known camera company, has also teamed up with the likes of OnePlus and Oppo, so those are some brands worth checking out if you’re a fan of these types of collaborations.

Source: Android Authority

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