Breathe deep for this Oxygen 12 Update


OnePlus 10 Pro users can now expect a fresh update to begin trickling out to their devices. On Monday, the business unveiled the upgrade, which includes significant enhancements to numerous aspects of their daily lives.

What’s in the patch?

A bug patch and numerous “optimized features” for the OnePlus 10 Pro are included in the changelog released to the OnePlus forum. It’s been highly reported by both reviewers and consumers alike that the fingerprint scanner to be quick and efficient, but it is one of the “optimized” functions and should work more reliably after the upgrade.

In “certain cases,” OnePlus has improved the phone’s power usage, which should result in longer battery life. The selfie camera should then be able to capture photographs of higher quality.

Aside from the official changelog, several users are reporting further enhancements and bugs that appear to have been resolved, such as the blank calling screen and a lock screen crash issue. However, it appears that a few flaws have remained unaddressed by the upgrade, including issues with Android Auto.

Even the top Android phones from Google and Samsung have had their share of bugs, so no phone is perfect.

Owners of the OnePlus 10 Pro in the United States and India will receive the OxygenOS 12 A.13 update in stages, with other territories following later this year.

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