Update time! Security patches roll out for Samsung Devices


Long gone are the days when Samsung phones were the last in the tech chain to get regular updates, let alone security updates. To continue with there recommitment to providing robust support for all their devices the next batch of updates are ready to hit Samsung devices.

On March 31, the OTA update for Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S22 series began rolling out in select regions.

April 2022 Rollout

The official release details for Samsung’s April 2022 security update have been revealed, and they feature a remedy for the widely publicized “Dirty Pipe” issue affecting Pixel and Galaxy devices. Due to this exploit directly impacting models that has Android 12 and kernel version 5.8 or higher, this security hole can allows hackers to take complete control of your device, but it is constrained to the Galaxy S22 series.

Update for April 2022 Software update Screen for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Image Source: 9to5Google

What’s in the Patch?

There are twenty-seven high-level vulnerabilities, as well as eighteen mid-level vulnerabilities, have been fixed. There are no problems stated or categorized as “critical” this time around, however a lot of people believe that the “Dirty Pipe” exploit is itself a critical vulnerability. And who could really blame them?

A slew of devices received not only the monthly security patch in the last month, but also the full One UI 4.1 version, which is a mid-cycle update that first debuted with the Galaxy S22 and includes exclusive features. However, a few Samsung handsets are still waiting to receive One UI 4.1 as well as the security patch. So, if your phone is yet to receive an update keep an eye on the OTA prompt to download the patch as soon as possible.


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