Rollout! Rollout! New Patches for OnePlus


For at least two years, and in some instances much longer for flagship models, OnePlus pledges to provide frequent system upgrades for its wide range of devices. However, unlike Samsung or its major competitors, OnePlus isn’t the quickest to get security updates out. So this April patch is going to be important for all OnePlus users.

This will be the foundation for third-party OEM builds in the future, although it’s unclear when it will be available for OnePlus phones. It’s possible that it’ll be included in the complete Android 13 launch at some time in the future.

Updates for your Updates

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The last time a software update was released exclusively for the OnePlus 10 Pro was in late March. However, this is likely to be prioritized in future updates. Given that updates are frequently given on a biweekly basis, the One Plus 9 and 9 Pro have received excellent support since launch.

After the previous additions of a significant Feature Drop and version 12.1/12L upgrades, Google introduced the security update as the fifth Android 12 update for all compatible Pixel phones at the beginning of April. This OTA contained a number of additional improvements aimed at improving the performance on larger displays while also fine-tuning the Android 12 experience overall.

Avoiding DirtyPipe

Only a few OnePlus devices have received the April 2022 security patch so far, but we expect it to change in the following days and weeks. The DirtyPipe issue  is mostly affecting Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, so we recommend that all users  update to the April 2022 security update.

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