Apr 18th, 2022

Our smartphones, no matter how smart or feature rich they are, are still at its core a phone. This means at the bare minimum, it should allow us to make and receive phone calls. Unfortunately for some Pixel 6 owners, they are encountering a weird bug where the phone rejects calls from their contacts without their knowledge.

According to a post on Reddit by u/merryjaina:

“At least 4+ times a week, I’ll have someone tell me they tried to call me but I have no missed call notification. When I check my call log, it says the call was declined which obviously I didn’t do. My phone is usually face up on my desk or table when this happens and I don’t even see the call come through.”

Now, some phones do have a feature that blocks/rejects calls from numbers that aren’t saved in contacts. This is done as a way to help reduce the annoyance of receiving spam phone calls, but in this case as the user claims, they have disabled the phone’s spam filter and have also disabled other features like WiFi calling and DND, meaning that by right, they should be able to receive their calls just fine.

Other users have chimed in the comments saying that it happens to them too. It is unclear how widespread of an issue this is or when it might have first started, but hopefully Google is aware of it and that we can expect a fix for it soon.

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