Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Investing


Want to invest in Bitcoin but have many unanswered questions? If so, here are commonly asked questions about Bitcoin investing and their answers. 

People invest in Bitcoin for various reasons. However, the Bitcoin market is different from the stock market, mainly due to the lack of checks and balances for protecting investors. As a digital currency, Bitcoin enables people to transact anytime, anywhere using computers and mobile devices that connect to the internet. This virtual currency uses the blockchain that functions as a transactions record or a public ledger.

Miners generate new tokens by validating Bitcoin transactions using computers. This digital currency’s generation depends on an algorithm and a protocol that stipulates the total number of coins that can ever circulate. The absence of regulation and decentralization make Bitcoin a highly volatile asset. People speculate on its value when trading to make profits. But the chances of making losses are also high. Therefore, many people have questions about Bitcoin investing. Here are such questions and their answers.

How Do You Invest in Bitcoin?

Many people and organizations invest in Bitcoin by purchasing it directly via platforms like the Immediate Edge. After purchasing the tokens, investors move them to crypto wallets where they hold them waiting for Bitcoin’s value to increase and eventually sell them for profits. Also, you can purchase Bitcoin from an individual user. That way, the person can transfer the coins from their crypto wallet to yours.

Other ways you can invest in Bitcoin include:

  • Crypto funds
  • Crypto futures
  • Blockchain ETF

Each method differs from the others in exposure and risks. Therefore, understand how you choose works before investing your hard-earned money.

How Much Fiat Money Do I Need to Invest in Bitcoin?

Theoretically, you need a few dollars to purchase Bitcoin. In most cases, a crypto exchange can allow you to buy Bitcoins worth as low as $5. However, some platforms charge a significant amount of fiat money as a fee. Therefore, you may spend more than the minimum amount to purchase Bitcoin on such platforms.

Perhaps, the best approach is to investigate the platform to know the fees it charges investors or traders. A broker may claim to charge zero fees but embed costs, known as spread mark-ups, in the total price a trader pays for Bitcoins.

Is Investing in Bitcoin a Wise Idea?

Bitcoin is a suitable investment vessel for anyone seeking a short-term profit due to its high liquidity. Also, it can be an excellent long-term investment because of its high market demand. The relatively low inflation risk makes owning and holding Bitcoin a lucrative investment.

Also, Bitcoin presents new opportunities, being a new technology. As more people and organizations embrace it, its value might increase. Nevertheless, high volatility presents a risk if a trader purchases it at a higher price and sells it after it declines. Therefore, investors should study and analyze the crypto market to determine when to buy and sell this digital asset.

Can You Exchange Bitcoin for Fiat Money?

Yes. You can convert Bitcoin into cash in several ways. For instance, crypto exchanges allow you to sell Bitcoin and receive a cash payment. The crypto exchange will deposit the money into the bank account you linked with it when signing up. Also, you can use a Bitcoin ATM to cash your cryptocurrency. However, Bitcoin ATMs charge higher fees than crypto exchanges.

The Bottom Line

This list is not exhaustive as people have many questions when investing in Bitcoin. Like anything new, investors should understand how Bitcoin works before investing their hard-earned money in it. Also, an investor should choose a reputable platform or crypto exchange when purchasing or selling Bitcoin. Additionally, Bitcoin investors should learn ways to safeguard their crypto investments.

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