Apr 15th, 2022

Google’s rumored Pixel watch has been one of the most anticipated devices of 2022, making headlines as far back as 2021 when it was first leaked into the spotlight. A lot of speculation has been discussed online regarding the device’s specs and features, and a new leak adds more details to that list.

A Twitter post by noted tech informant Evan Blass shares some possible information regarding the software on the Pixel Watch. The post shows a screenshot displaying “Pixel Rohan” and “Wear OS 3.1,” which most likely points to the device’s codename and the version of Wear OS that will come pre-installed on the device.

Currently, only Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series of devices come with Wear OS 3.1, with watches from other brands scheduled to get the latest OS update at different dates later this year. Unfortunately though, the Wear OS update will be exclusive for certain wearable devices, as is the case with some of the Fossil Gen smartwatches (older Fossil Gen watches will not receive the update).

It’s been highly speculated that the Pixel Watch will make a teaser appearance this year at Google’s I/O event, which is scheduled on May 11-12. According to online sources, Google will formally announce the upcoming Pixel 6a at the event, while a preview of sorts will be given for the rumored wearable. If leaks and predictions are correct, the Pixel Watch might be launched alongside the Pixel 7 series handsets later this year.

As of the moment, Google has no “official” first-party wearable device. While the company provides Wear OS for use by other manufacturers, it currently has no wearable product available on the market. A few years back however, Google did acquire Fitbit, although recent developments indicate that the latter’s upcoming devices might not come with Wear OS, and bits of code reveal that they may likely retain Fitbit’s own custom operating system.

Source: Twitter

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