Apr 8th, 2022

For years, Qualcomm was pretty much the default chipset provider for the majority of Android handsets out there. While they do still provide chipsets to many Android manufacturers, what we’ve seen over the years is more companies starting to pivot towards custom builds.

This includes Samsung, Huawei, and more recently Google, all of whom started to make custom chipsets for their own products, and now it appears that Oppo could be joining the club. This is according to Chinese media outlet ITHome who alleges that Oppo will be debuting their own in-house chipset in 2023.

The chipset is rumored to be made by TSMC using the foundry’s 6nm process, which is admittedly a bit behind the likes of other custom chipsets, but we suppose it’s a start. For those unfamiliar, the process is important because it speaks to the power and efficiency of the chipset.

Basically the smaller the process, the closer the components/circuitry are together, which means that they have to “travel” a shorter distance which can bring about energy efficiency, allowing companies to design more powerful hardware that won’t take as much of a toll on battery.

What’s interesting about this is that if Oppo finds some success with its own custom hardware, that would be one less customer for other companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek. More recently, it was reported that Samsung could also be moving away from Qualcomm.

Source: Wccftech

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