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On Android, Google has modified its Discover feed once again to include new and expanded weather bar at the top, 9to5Google reports.

Google Discover normally provides a little of information that is relevant to your day, in addition to a collection of items from the web that you might be interested in. With the Google Assistant Snapshot feed scheduled to be terminated in the near future, this function is going to become even more crucial for Google Discover.

Feature First

Image Source: 9to5Google

Users are reporting that the Discover feed has been updated to incorporate weather information at the top of the newest beta version of the Google Search app. Your present location, a basic weather description like “partly overcast,” the possibility of rainfall, and the precise temperature are all displayed on the card-shaped supplement.

For the time being, it appears that the reintroduction of weather to the Discover feed is still getting rid of some bugs. At time of writing tapping the card opens a search for the word “weather,” rather than the Google app’s built-in weather applet.

This Discover design change is the result of a near-constant back-and-forth with the feed’s incorporation of weather data. This current version appears to be a recreation of the Discover weather card from 2020. Google reduced the weather display to a plain display before deleting it entirely early last year. With any luck, this weather card will be around for a while – at least until Google improves its destination to make it more useful.

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