Two Asus ROG Phones Level Up to Android 12


Ready, set… GO!

In recent years, gaming phones are becoming more and more capable and more affordable, and Asus has some of the best. The Asus ROG Phone 5 is now receiving the Android 12 upgrade, which comes with a hefty changelog.

Android 12 is now available for the ROG Phone 5 and the ROG Phone 5s through Asus’ forums and an active OTA deployment. The upgrade includes standard Android 12 features like privacy indicators, but Asus has also added some of its own features and fixed some issues.

The Android 12 upgrade appears as version 31.0810.1226.57 for both the ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s, according to posts on ASUS’ ZenTalk forum. According to the official changelog, the update includes a slew of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

The update also includes a few more improvements in addition to Android 12 features including approximate location, a new privacy dashboard, and a revised fast settings panel. There’s a new ROG UI design, an updated Armoury Crate console design, AirTriggers’ dual control capability, and more. Many of the system apps have also been updated.

Squishing some bugs

The ROG Phone 5’s Android 12 upgrade contains a 40-item changelog that includes “revamped” system apps,   and a new AirTriggers dual control function. There’s also a long list of bug patches, including one that prevents 3.5mm headphones from playing audio when they’re plugged in during games.

Instead of continuing with distinct Wi-Fi and Mobile Data toggles, Asus has embraced Android 12’s rather contentious integrated “Internet” quick settings menu. The update also includes Google’s Privacy Dashboard, a transfer of device control and wallet shortcuts to the fast settings menu, and the replacement of “Asus Safeguard” with Google’s Emergency SOS feature.

Sources: 9to5Google,  Android Central

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