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Certain Samsung smartphone models, including some Galaxy S22 variations, were found to have their performance levels throttled for a number of important apps earlier this month. Samsung’s aggressive Game Optimising Service was found to have a list of 10,000 non-gaming apps that were being curtailed (GOS).

Samsung Vice Chairman and Co-CEO Han Jong-hee has officially apologized for the current performance throttling incident involving the Galaxy S22 and other Samsung phones.

Samsung’s GOS solution has been available since 2017, however, it has always been simple to disable this feature. GOS, on the other hand, was engaged automatically on the Samsung Galaxy S22, and it also extended its effect to popular non-gaming apps. According to Geekbench 5 statistics, this reduced the Galaxy S22 to just 53.9 percent of its advertised capacity.

Feeling the heat

It’s now possible to bypass the GOS system thanks to a recent upgrade. As a result, there are concerns of overheating. When challenged about the potential safety concerns, Han stated the company would “ensure safety utilizing a heat management algorithm” and “continue to introduce additional functions to prevent overheating.”

No Harm, No Foul?

Despite the fact that Samsung’s performance limit appears to be reasonable for the overall longevity of our phone, I am not proposing that the corporation continue to throttle apps without user consent or knowledge. After all, you own the hardware you pay for. If you want to emphasize performance above battery life, you should have the option to do so. However, the great majority of consumers were similarly unaware of Samsung or OnePlus’ throttling behavior during normal use. Meanwhile, the real-world battery and longevity gains provided by GOS and kindred concepts are not only tangible but also appreciated by users of all types. It is ultimately up to you if you can see this as being no harm no foul.

Source: Android Authority, Trusted Reviews

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