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Wordle has taken the world by storm. The game is easy to get into and the fact that everyone gets the same word everyday makes it a fun way to play with your friends on everyone’s own time.

For those who are unfamiliar, Wordle is a word guessing game. It combines word guessing with a gameplay system similar to Mastermind, where you have six guesses to guess a five-letter word.

The game will give you clues where if the box is green, it’s the correct word and in the correct position, while a yellow box indicates the letter is correct but in the wrong position, and a greyed out box means the word does not contain that letter at all. It sounds easy but it can prove to be challenging.

The downside to Wordle is that you only get one word a day, meaning that once you’ve completed it, you’ll have to wait for the next day to play it again. If you’d rather not wait and want to keep playing all day long, then here are some Wordle alternatives that could be just as fun.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is probably the closest thing to Wordle that we have found so far. It uses a similar playstyle where you have to guess the word and it gives you clues where you’ll have to figure it out before the sixth guess. The difference is that Hello Wordl is unlimited as the words are randomized so you can keep playing all day.

You can also make it a bit more challenging on yourself by choosing how many letters are in the word, so if five letters is too easy for you, then challenge yourself by guessing six, seven, or up to eleven letters.


SpellTower is a game that you can play on your phone thanks to a downloadable app. Instead of you having to guess a word, SpellTower challenges you to find words from tiles that keep rising from the bottom. The goal is to try and find as many words as you can before the tiles rise to the top of the screen which is when you lose, so if you’re familiar with the concept of Tetris, then this should be pretty much the same.


How Wordle works is that everyday, a new secret word is chosen. This means that for that day, the word is already set. Absurdle tries to turn this concept on its head by using a malevolent AI to basically try and stop itself from being solved, meaning that unlike Wordle, it’ll take you much longer to get the answer, but we imagine that the satisfaction will be a lot higher.

“Absurdle gives the impression of picking a single secret word, but instead what it actually does is consider the entire list of all possible secret words which conform to your guesses so far. Each time you guess, Absurdle prunes its internal list as little as possible, attempting to intentionally prolong the game as much as possible.”

Kitty Letter

Created by Matthew Inman, who some of you might be familiar with from “The Oatmeal” comic series. Kitty Letter features a bunch of animals carrying different letters, and the idea is to play against someone where the faster you unscramble the letters into words, you’ll eventually overwhelm their defenses and win, so if you enjoy challenging your friends, this could be worth checking out.


If you enjoy multiplayer games, then Letterpress could also be a game worth checking out. You play against another opponent where the idea is to control as much of the board as possible. Basically each person tries to make letters, so the closer (and longer) you make a letter to your opponent’s letter, the better.

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