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In a modern world where popular video games are usually about high-quality graphics and engaging storylines that require expensive machines to run, it is not often that you come across a browser-based game that gets everyone talking. Wordle is one such game that has taken the internet by storm and if you are here, you are probably wondering what it is and why it is getting so popular? Let us answer all your questions and also share a few tips to play the game.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a completely free online word game where you need to guess a five-letter word within six attempts. You get one puzzle per day regardless of you are successful or unsuccessful at guessing the correct word. There are no hints to get you started and you have to make a completely random guess for the first attempt.

If your guess has any letter in the correct spot, it will be shown in Green color. The Yellow color represents a correct letter in the wrong spot and the Grey color shows that you have chosen an incorrect letter. These color-themed hints are shown for each of the six attempts to help you make educated guesses and eventually solve the puzzle. Here are examples shared by Wordle:

If you are unable to solve the puzzle, it shows you the correct word instantly so that you are not left wondering. It also has a basic stats section where you can check the number of games played, win percentage, current streak, maximum streak, and guess distribution.

Where to play Wordle?

Wordle is a word game that can be played on any web browser on any device. It does not matter if you have a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All you need to do is to visit the Wordle website and you can start playing instantly.

Why is Wordle so popular?

There are different reasons that contribute to Wordle’s popularity. One of them is everyone has the same puzzle to solve for the day. This results in a sort of competition between players, especially among friends and colleagues. It is a race to see who can guess the correct word and in a fewer number of attempts. Since the puzzle can be really difficult to crack at times, it can turn into an interesting discussion regarding how others went about solving it.

The second important reason is players sharing their results on social media and messaging applications. Wordle has an interesting way of sharing results where others do not see the correct word. They only get to see a grid of Green, Yellow, and Gray boxes representing each of the attempts taken by the player as shown in the tweet below. This helps in attracting other players as well as non-players while keeping the actual answer a mystery.

Lastly, it is the accessibility that is a crucial reason behind Wordle getting viral. It does not require one to have an expensive device to play the game. The only things you need are a device with a web browser and an active internet connection.

There is no need to install anything which brings us to an important point that there are a bunch of clone Wordle apps doing rounds of the internet. We would suggest you stay away from them as they can be malicious or may even ask you to pay money.

Wordle tips and tricks:

There is no sure-shot way of solving Wordle as it is all about guessing. You can only try to be smart about choosing what should be your next guess to reduce the number of attempts it takes to find the answer. Since the first attempt is always completely random, you should try to choose a word that has multiple vowels and does not have repeating letters. It is up to you whether to pick a new first word or continue with the same word every day.

It goes without showing that your subsequent guesses will revolve around how your first attempt goes. Many players focus only on Green and Yellow boxes as the correct word features those letters but remember, Grey boxes are equally important. Another thing to keep in mind is that at times, the solution could be words with repeating letters like Messy, Gorge, and Pasta.

If you have any specific Wordle tips and tricks that you would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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