Chrome for Android will soon make it harder for you to accidentally close all your tabs


If you’ve used Chrome on your Android phone before, there is a chance that you might have accidentally tapped on the “Close all tabs” button by mistake, closing all your open tabs in the process.

This is versus the PC version of Chrome where unless you were to click the “X” button, it’s a little difficult to “accidentally” close all of your tabs. Plus, Chrome on PC has the option to show a dialog box that asks if you really want to close all your tabs at once. It now looks like the Android version of Chrome will be getting that feature.

This upcoming change was spotted in Chrome 100 which is currently available in the Canary channel, which essentially means it’s in testing/beta. It will more or less function similar to how it would on the desktop, where when users tap on the “Close all tabs” button, it will prompt them whether or not they want to close all tabs.

So if you’ve ever tried to open a new tab or launch an Incognito tab and accidentally tap on “Close all tabs” instead, then this new feature should save you the headache and hassle of reopening all those open tabs again. Keep in mind that since this feature is in the Canary build of Chrome 100, it means that it isn’t available to all users unless you are taking part in the build.

There doesn’t appear to be any mention of when the feature will be moving out of Canary into a Stable build, but it might be a feature that some users can appreciate and look forward to in the near future.

Source: Techdows

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