This mod turns the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s external display into a functional one


One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is that it comes with a small external display which is used to display at a glance, but unlike the external display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s not exactly the most functional due to its size. This means that unlike the Fold 3, you can’t really use this display like you would a regular smartphone.

That’s something that developer jagan2 decided to change where he created a mod that basically gives the display more functionality. Basically with this mod, users will now be able to access their app launcher/drawer from the external display itself, and it also offers access to widgets, quick toggles, navigation gestures, and more.

While it’s still too small to be really practical, one of the potential uses suggested by Android Police is that it lets users access Samsung Pay without having to flip open their phone, so if you do pay using Samsung Pay frequently, this could actually be rather useful.

Other than that, it feels more novel, but at the very least it gives users options on what they can do with their phones. If you’re keen on installing this on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, then head on over to the XDA forums for more information on the mod and instructions.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
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Source: Android Police

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