Jan 20th, 2022

In the past year or so, we’ve seen companies like Apple and Google face greater scrutiny over its app store practice, namely the 30% or so commission that they get from developers whenever a user purchases an app or makes an in-app purchase.

While both companies have been “getting away” with it for years, the past year has shown that a lot of resentment towards Apple and Google have been building up and many want change. Developers could soon get some help from the state of Illinois where state senators have filed a bill that could force Apple and Google to accept alternative payment methods for their app stores.

Known as the Freedom to Subscribe Directly Act, this would basically make it so that developers are no longer forced to use Apple or Google’s payment methods when it comes to app sales, microtransactions, or in-app subscriptions. Illinois would not be the first state to attempt this as Arizona had previously attempted something similar, but failed.

We’re not sure if Illinois will be successful in their attempts, but if they were, it could set a precedent that could see other states adopt something similar as well.

That being said, while we’re not sure what Google’s stance on the matter is, Apple did previously state in a support document that regardless of payment method, they still expect to take a cut, but how much is unclear. Presumably Google could adopt something along those veins, or maybe they might not, which could incentivize more developers to develop apps exclusively for Android.

Source: WGEM

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