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Slots games are one of the most popular online gaming styles around.  There is a wealth of options for slots games on the Google Play Store. 

Historically speaking, slots games have been online since 1996. Since that time the technology has massively improved promising players a greater overall gaming experience. 

The gaming apps have also found the perfect place to find players on sites such as the Google Play Store. Today, players can choose from a wide variety of slots experiences for androids with the store.

The following are a selection of the top slots apps on the Google Play Store.

Hana Slots Games

Hana Games have made a variety of slots games available on the Google Play Store. The differently styled games make use of several exciting themes including ancient Greece and Egypt, the story of Aladdin and an underwater environment.

The games are simple enough to pick up and play. This is a general strength of all sorts of slots games. The Hana slots in particular benefit from an easy-to-use gaming style and in-game mechanics. 

Jackpot Storm 

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Jackpot Storm is a relatively new title to download on Google Play. It does seem to have the potential for winning fans though. 

Based on the essentials of most slot games, the title is simple enough to play. Once you have put in your digital money in the machine you are free to spin the wheel. As well as the essentials of trying to win through combinations and lines, there are mini-games to play as well. 

Jackpot Storm also offers the chance to take part in tournaments against players from all over the world. The game works well mechanically and it is easy to see why it has done well so far. 

Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino is one of the most highly rated gaming apps currently available on the Google Play Store. As well as bingo favorites such as poker, roulette, and bingo, it also provides online slots through its app.

One of the reasons why the Mansion Casino app is so popular is the wealth of slots games available to play. Themed slots games taking in various settings such as the classical history of Age of the Gods Slots create a compelling way to play. Sports fans can also enjoy the experience with the Football Rules slots.

There is such a wide range of slots games on offer everyone will be sure to find one that suits. All of the games benefit from a distinctly high level of development and a sophisticated interface. Engaging animations and graphical displays detail the gaming experience to a high level.

The players can also be secure in their choice of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. Most of the bigger-name debit and credit cards plus PayPal can be used with the site. 

Mansion Casino also provides a variety of introductory offers and promotions. New payers looking for a variety of slots games could well try their luck on the site. 

Jackpot Master Slots

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A top-ranking slot app on the Google Play Store, Jackpot Master has built up a strong following of players after the best in slots gaming. 

A combination of classic Vegas-style slots games plus an imaginative offering of video slots offer players an involving gaming experience. 

A good level of bonuses plus the opportunity to play wherever you like on mobile device make this a great opportunity for lovers of slots.

Pharaoh’s Way Slots 

Ancient historical and mythological themes are a sure-bet for slots fans. Indeed, many games make use of the colourful and transporting visuals of ancient Egypt. 

Pharaoh’s Way is one of the most popular slots apps available. The app has been downloaded in huge numbers and the developers point out that it has been played billions of times. 

The slots available in the collection are great for the slots fan. Consistent and reliable for playing on android phones, it is easy to see why the games have done so well.

Zynga Slots

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Zynga slots compile a wealth of slots experiences for the keen gamer. The level of graphics and visual animation is key to the success of Zynga. Players often return thanks to the consistently high level of slots gameplay found in the collection. 

Zynga is a well-known name in online gaming thanks to a long history in getting the most out of gaming and slots in particular. With a secure method of payments and good customer service, the platform offers gamers a rich and comfortable gaming experience. 

Playtika slots 

Playtika is a slots games provider on the Google Play Store that compiles a wealth of slots games. As well as the popular World Series of Poker app, Playtika also offers a range of online slots games.

The Slotomania Slots app is made by the developer. It promises a fun and easy-to-play game based on strong visuals and an easy-to-use gaming system.

The Google Play Store contains lots of possibilities for the slots fan. The games promise a secure and dynamic way to experience slots games wherever you are. 


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