Nov 17th, 2021

Back in the day of the feature phone, Nokia was the king. Unfortunately, the company was slow to act when smartphones started to gain popularity and by the time they came onto the scene, it was a little too late.

The company ultimately ended up selling off its mobile division to Microsoft back in 2013, and ever since then, the company has focused more on the backend of telecommunications by selling networking equipment. Now the company has announced that they will be launching a new service in the form of cloud-based software subscriptions.

Unfortunately, this will not be available to consumers, but rather it is being marketed towards telcos. The software provided will help the company with analysis, security, and data management. The company had actually built its software division as far back as 2015 but never got around to doing much with it.

According to the company’s Senior Vice President Mark Bunn, “Now we have executed on it … we have built underlying technology to be able to operate at scale.” By using a cloud-based platform, it will make it easier to deploy the software and manage it, with customers being able to try it out before deciding if they want to commit to it for the long-term.

Source: Gadgets 360

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