Top Advantages of Medical Alert Systems That You Didn’t Know About


Medical alert systems can be very useful. They provide emergency monitoring at home, ensuring the safety of your vulnerable relatives. If there is an emergency, your loved one can activate their medical alert system, and emergency services personnel will be called. Medical alert systems are great for people with mobility issues, disabilities, or senior citizens. There are lots of advantages to investing in a medical alert system if you don’t already have one.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the top advantages of owning a medical alert system:


One of the main benefits of medical alert systems is that they can be used around the clock. Accidents can happen at any time. If your loved one falls over or injures themself, they can activate their medical alert system instantly and call for help, before you even know what’s happening. It’s also important to install a medical alert system if your loved one suffers from a chronic disease, like cancer, heart disease, asthma, or Alzheimer’s disease. These diseases can all flare up suddenly and might leave your loved one immobile and unable to ring for help.

Medication Reminders

Medical alert systems aren’t always used for emergencies. In fact, these handy devices can help your loved ones to remember when to take their medication. Their medical alert system will notify them when it’s time to take their medicine. It will also tell them how much to take, as well as any other important information related to their medication. For seniors who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and experience memory loss, medication reminders can be very helpful. Medication reminders can save lives, preventing your elderly loved ones from unintentionally overdosing.


One of the main concerns for elderly [and occasionally vulnerable] people is independence. It’s not nice whatever age you are to have somebody supervising you constantly. With medical alert systems, your loved ones can retain their independence while ensuring their quality of life and good health. Without medical alert systems, elderly and vulnerable people would have to be monitored around the clock and might have to have carers living with them. This can be very depressing, especially if your loved one is retired and wants to spend most of their time alone, relaxing. Independence might perhaps be the largest benefit of medical alert systems.

Easy to Use

In addition to protecting your loved ones and making them more independent, they are also extremely easy to use. You can buy a medical alert pendant for your loved ones, which they can wear around their neck and press if they are in trouble. Pendants are far superior to consoles, which can be hard to activate if your loved one has fallen down or is immobile. These devices simply require your loved one to press a button to active them. There aren’t any complex steps that your loved one is required to take. They’re straightforward and simple.


Some elderly or vulnerable people don’t have Wi-Fi. For their loved ones, this can be very frustrating because it complicates contacting them and getting hold of them. However, if they have a medical alert system, they can still call for help and won’t need an internet connection. These systems work without an internet connection. Medical alert systems can be connected directly to a landline phone, which still allows your loved one to get in touch with the emergency services immediately. With all of that said, it might be worth investing in an internet connection for your loved one so that contacting you is easier.

Different Options

When it comes to medical alert systems, there are two main options: monitored and unmonitored systems. The former connects immediately to emergency services, while the latter offers a series of numbers for your loved one to choose from. Most medical alert systems also notify local carers, who will be dispatched to your loved one’s house as soon as an alert is made. In terms of features, you have lots of different options. You can choose a system with activity trackers, speakerphone functionality, and GPS monitoring. The more features that you have, generally the more expensive the device will be.


Medical alert systems come in a variety of price ranges. They can be bought and paid for on a subscription service, as well as outright. If your loved one is on a budget [and you are too] then subscription services are the better option. They can be paid monthly, for small fees. We’re all living through hard financial times at the moment, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that your loved one and yourself might be struggling to find spare cash. This is fine. Most medical alert system providers offer handy payment plans or will tailor a plan to you.


If you choose to have a medical alert console installed in your loved one’s house, then you will be pleased to know that they’re easily installed. More often than not, the device’s manufacturer will offer complimentary installation. You can also install the device yourself, although if you don’t have technical knowledge or experience, it might not be best. You don’t want to risk breaking your loved one’s device before they have even had a chance to get used to it! Either way, installation isn’t something to worry about.

Peace of Mind

Not only does a medical alert system offer your loved one peace of mind, but it offers you it also. You don’t have to worry about your loved one’s health and you can relax when you’re not around them. A medical alert system will ensure that they are completely protected. You do need to make sure that you show them how to use it, however. If they don’t know how to use it, then it’s very dangerous to leave them unattended with it. Take a few hours to explain it to them and to go through the manufacturer’s instructions.

Medical alert systems can come in very handy. They’re an investment into your loved one’s health. As this article demonstrates, there are lots of advantages to owning one.

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