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All of us have probably received unknown phone calls. Some of the callers harass people, and others spam the recipient. However, some of the unknown calls can be from an important person. If you want to know who’s calling you, the article will enlighten how to know who’s calling via 5 different lookup apps.

1. PeopleFinderFree – The Best Way to Find Out Who Called Me

PeopleFinderFree’s Phone Lookup requires you to enter the target phone number, and the application will search his records from the lookup’s associated records.

Features of PeopleFinderFree

There are various lookup features in the PeopleFinderFree app. Here, we will discuss its top searching features.

  • Address Lookup

The address lookup service requires the target’s accurate residential address. It informs about the target’s phone numbers, email address, accurate name, and criminal history.

  • People Search

People Search only requires the full name of the individual. The service will inform the person’s contact information, current and past addresses, lawsuits, and social media profiles.

  • Background Check

You are required to enter your target individual’s name, and the application will provide his criminal history, including the court proceedings, felonies, and traffic violations.

Step-to-Step Guide on how to use PeopleFinderFree’s Service

To find who is calling on PeopleFinderFree, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Reach the Phone Lookup Service: The first step requires you to select the “Phone Lookup” tab from the home tab of PeopleFinderFree.

Step 2: Provide the Phone Number: Add the correct phone number in the search bar and hit the “Start Search” button.

Step 3: Get the Lookup Report: PeopleFinderFree will display the target profile associated with the phone number. Access his Lookup report and gain his identical information.

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Pros of PeopleFinderFree

  1. The application has a comprehensive database directory. Therefore, people find nearly everyone’s record on its lookup service.
  2. You can find updated and extensive lookup reports by providing their name, phone number, or email address.

Con of PeopleFinderFree

  1. Due to its extensive database, PeopleFinderFree takes up much time to depict a lookup report.


“I was really confused when I received dozens of calls from the same number in a day. I figured out that he was a scammer after I looked him up on PeopleFinderFree.” – Arya, Alaska

2. PeopleFinders – Check Who Is Calling Me Online

With PeopleFinders, you don’t have to worry about wrong callers and spammers. Its reverse phone lookup finds the relevant information about his identity and background with his phone number.

Features of PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders works best for people who desire to search for someone via their readily available information. Let’s discuss the features of PeopleFinders in this part.

  •  People Search

The People Search service requires the name of the target person. It returns the phone number, email address, residential information, and property records of the person.

  • Email Lookup

The Email Lookup of PeopleFinders informs the real identity behind any unknown email address. You can know the email sender’s actual name, age, and business details.

  • Address Lookup

You need to provide the address of your target. The application finds the property information like selling price and owner details, including his identity and sex-offending history.

How to Use the PeopleFinders?

If you want to find whose phone number is calling you on PeopleFinders, abide by the following steps:

Step 1: Access the Phone Lookup service: You are required to reach the Phone Lookup tab from the home page of the PeopleFinders.

Step 2: Enter the Accurate Phone Number: Write the target phone number in the search bar. After that, click the “Search” button.

Step 3: Acquire the Lookup Information: The service will provide the target profile. Access his report and gain his personal and criminal information.

Upside Reviews of PeopleFinders

The application shares many upside points. Here, we will describe some of its best points:

  1. With PeopleFinders, you can access people’s criminal information, including their court records, public data, arrest records, and felonies,
  2. PeopleFinders has the best privacy protection. It does not reveal the user’s identity or his target’s details.

Downside Point of PeopleFinders

There are no big downside points of PeopleFinders. Here, we will discuss the minute weak point of the service:

  1. PeopleFinders app does not have any mobile phone application.


“It was really scary when someone was continuously calling and threatening me with my life. I had to do a lookup on PeopleFinders to find out the person behind this.” – Aron, Virginia

3. Instant Checkmate – Find Out Unknown Callers Quickly

All of us deal with unknown calls, which get irritating and time-consuming sometimes. With Instant Checkmate, you can find the actual identity behind an unknown phone number.

Features of Instant Checkmate

The application has helpful features for lookup purposes. Here, we will talk about the quality services of Instant Checkmate:

  • People Search

This feature lets you get someone’s phone number, email address, and social media applications via his name.

  • Email Search

Searching someone with their email address is possible with Instant Checkmate. You can get the target’s full name, phone number, social profile, and business information.

  • Location Search

You can receive the census information, FBI crime statistics, probable residents, and neighborhood information by adding a specific residential address.

Step-by-Step Guide to using the Phone Lookup of Instant Checkmate

By following the below steps, you can access someone’s relevant information with their phone number on Instant Checkmate:

Step 1: Go to the “Reverse Phone Lookup” Service: Reach the “Reverse Phone Lookup” tab to find someone through their phone number.

Step 2: Enter the Target Phone Number: Now, enter the phone number of the individual and tap the “Search Now” button.

Step 3: Get the Relevant Information: Now, Instant Checkmate will provide you the target profile associated with the phone number. You can access the report to gain plenty of information.

Advantages of Instant Checkmate

  1. With Instant Checkmate, you can acquire the tax liens, civil judgments, property records, and relatives of the target.
  2. The Member Care Team of Instant Checkmate helps the user solve their problems and queries with just one call.

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The Disadvantage of Instant Checkmate

  1. Instant Checkmate has high pricey subscription plans, making it difficult for people to rebuy the service.


“My meeting was continuously disturbed when I was getting calls from an unknown number. I looked upon Instant Checkmate to see who had been calling and disturbing me.” – Simon, New Mexico

4. TruthFinder – Run a Scammer Phone Number Lookup within Minutes

If you want to know the true identity behind a phone number, TruthFinder will help you. You can enter your target’s phone number and get his personal information.

Features of TruthFinder

TruthFinder works to provide public information through various means. Here, we will acknowledge its best services:

  • People Search

The People Search tool provides the full name, age, date of birth, and social media profiles of the target person via his name.

  • Background Check

If you are interested to know someone’s criminal records, a background check tool can find an individual’s court records and public data with his name.

  • Phonebook

The Phonebook feature of TruthFinder helps find a person’s cell phone numbers and landline phone numbers with his name.

How to Use the Phone Lookup Service to Find Someone on TruthFinder?

By abiding by the following steps, you can know someone’s information with their phone number:

Step 1: Get Hold of the Phone Lookup Service: You can access the “Reverse Phone Lookup” tab from the website of TruthFinder.

Step 2: Provide the Phone Number: Now, you need to provide the phone number of your target. Tap the “Search” button.

Step 3: Access the Detailed Report: After some time, you will be provided with the target profile by which you can access his detailed lookup report.

Qualities of TruthFinder

  1. TruthFinder can do a dark web scan to achieve the dark web information, including your identity theft.
  2. The application is associated with top-tier public records. Therefore, it provides detailed and accurate public data.

The Problem of TruthFinder

  1. The service has confusing pricing strategies. Therefore, many users end up spending way too much money on subscription packages.


“My son was indulged in some calls with an unknown number, which worried me. I then looked into TruthFinder to discover that someone was scamming my son.” – Gracie, Texas


5. Whitepages – Identify Unknown Callers Online

The Whitepages reverse phone lookup service gains the phone number of a person and depicts his identity, business information, owner’s address, and background information.

Features of Whitepages

Whitepages offers the target person quality information with the help of their name, phone number, or address. Here, we will recognize its best and helpful features.

  • People Search

This is a search by name tool that asks the target’s name and provides his associated information. It includes his phone number, criminal history, and property records.

  • Business Search

The Business Search feature lets you find the business details, owner’s name, relatives, and fraud ratings.

  • Address Search

With the Address Lookup Tool, you need to enter the address and location. The service will provide the property information and its owner’s data.

How to Check Out Someone’s Information With His Phone Number?

To access someone’s relevant data with his phone number on Whitepages, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Attain the “Reverse Lookup” Service: To get started, click the “Reverse Phone Lookup” tab from the homepage of Whitepages.

Step 2: Deliver the Phone Number: Add the phone number in the search bar and click the “Search” button.

Step 3: Observe the Information: After a while, Whitepages will provide the target profile associated with the given phone number. Gain the report and receive interesting information.

Benefits of Whitepages

  1. You can achieve a background report covering the target’s bankruptcies, cell phone numbers, and social media profiles.
  2. The application has a transparent policy. It does not provide information via illegal means.

Defect of Whitepages

  1. Whitepages mainly offer public records. It does not have a connection with high-end directories. Therefore, it shows fewer data and outdated phone numbers.


“I was really confused about where to look when I wanted to find who was calling my husband during the night. I then came across Whitepages, which gave me a lead about the caller.” – Jane, Florida

Concluding Words

The article has given a detailed review of knowing who is calling by using his phone number. We have explained 5 famous reverse lookup applications that will help discover who’s calling you from an unknown phone number.

By reading the article, you can understand the process of knowing whose number is that with a reverse phone lookup app.

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