Best Galaxy Z Fold 3 note-taking apps: Turn your phone into a digital notebook


Pretty much everyone knew this was the next move, but bringing S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was one of the best things that Samsung could have done. After seeing it arrive on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and confirming that the Galaxy Note wouldn’t be released in 2021, the Z Fold 3 just had to feature the S Pen. With this functionality now available, you might find yourself wondering what the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 note-taking apps are. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to help point you in the right direction.

Samsung Notes

The Samsung Notes app supports all different types of files and inputs. This ranges from being able to pull up a PDF document to sign it with the S Pen, or have a note saved automatically when using a Screen Off Memo. And while a lot of our focus here is on the integration with the S Pen, Samsung Notes can also be used to save audio recordings. Plus, you have the option to turn illegible handwriting into text after jotting down some notes. There are some that may be concerned with being able to access these notes on other devices, but you can actually sync Samsung Notes with our next pick, Microsoft OneNote.

Download Samsung Notes

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote Best Galaxy Z Fold 3 Apps

Microsoft has come a long way with its suite of applications, as OneNote has been a bit of a reclamation project for a little while now. But if you rely on a Microsoft account, or want an app that offers cross-platform and cross-device support, then OneNote is a fantastic choice. All of the same features found in Samsung Notes can be found in OneNote, and it’s arguably a more robust app just because it does have to support more than just a handful of devices.

Download Microsoft OneNote

Google Keep

Google Keep has been a fan-favorite for years, as its one of the few apps that it feels like Google actually cares about. Sure, you can use it to save links to read later, or to use it as a somewhat-basic task management app, but it can do even more. The biggest “catch” when using Google Keep to take notes using your S Pen and Galaxy Z Fold 3 is that your note will need to be created as a drawing. After that, it’s smooth sailing, as Keep will continue extending the page downwards the more that you “draw” or write.

Download Google Keep


For years, Evernote was the default note-taking app for those who wanted to do more than just jot a couple of things down quickly. We’ve seen several iterations of Evernote over the years, including some that were less-than-stellar. Luckily, it seems as though Evernote is back on the upswing and if you might even be able to get six-months of Evernote Premium for free with your Galaxy Z Fold 3 via the Samsung Members app.

Download Evernote

MyScript Nebo

Originally released as an iOS-only app, MyScript has made its way over to the Android side of things and is available from the Play Store. If you have been on the lookout for a truly robust digital journal with all of the bells and whistles, MyScript Nebo is for you. You are able to perform write-to-text conversion, and the developers have baked in the ability to translate your writing from more than 60 different languages. There are features you would expect, such as PDF import, but you can also create different notebooks and journals to house the different types of notes and documents that you create or mark up.

Download MyScript Nebo


This one is a personal favorite, as Obsidian is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, and has become my default note-taking app. Unfortunately, this isn’t an app that is currently capable of handling S Pen input, but that’s because it’s more of a Markdown (.md) editor than anything else. Just starting out, you can just have a boatload of different notes that you take throughout the day. However, there is an entire library of plug-ins that can be added to make your boring notes look simply incredible. It’s really turned out to be a live-saver as it acts as a “second brain”, and can pretty much be customized in any way you would want.

Download Obsidian

Find what works for you

Just like when it comes to other productivity apps, the best note-taking app for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the one that you’ll actually use. For many, this will likely be the Samsung Notes app as it’s integrated throughout the system, along with working hand-in-hand with the S Pen.

Although the list may seem a bit short, there’s something here that will work for pretty much everyone and any situation. Of course, you don’t necessarily want to do so, but you could even combine two apps (i.e. OneNote and Samsung Notes) to create the best notebook that can be folded up and put in your pocket. Just make sure you don’t misplace the S Pen.


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