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Best calendar widgets for Android


Thanks to calendar apps, it has become a lot easier for users to manage upcoming events to see what’s on their plate, reminders, and more. Of course, having to pull it up every now and then can be a bit troublesome, but thankfully, one of the key features of Android is customization.

This lets users create widgets that they can place on their home screen so that they can see everything at a glance, and calendar widgets are a pretty popular choice when you take a look at the home screens of Android users.

If you’re new to Android or would simply like some recommendations for calendar widgets, here are some of the best ones we’ve found.

Google Calendar

We would be remiss if this list did not include Google Calendar. Given that one of the reasons why people choose Android is the deep Google integration, it makes sense that Google Calendar would be on this list.

Since you can import events from Gmail, it makes it easy to sync up your events and reminders without having to manually create them yourself, plus if you’re a fan of stock Android and Google’s Material design language, using the Google Calendar widget will help create a more unified look to your home screen.


If you’re looking to create a different look but still want Google Calendar synchronization, then perhaps aCalendar could be an option. It features support for Google Calendar so you can continue to use Google Calendar on your computer and have the events linked up to it at the same time.

It offers users a ton of different design and view customizations, the ability to display birthdays, moon phases in case that’s your kind of thing, and event printing. The developers also contribute 10% of the app revenue they make from the app towards preserving the rainforest, so there’s that added bonus.


Unlike some calendar widgets that display the entire month, ZenDay’s widgets allow you to look at upcoming events a day at a time. Users will have different options to choose from, like scrolling through the day, or the other being a todo list view that splits your day up into different events.

Smooth Calendar

If you’re a fan of minimalist home screen designs, then Smooth Calendar could be the answer. The app’s widget offers users a clean and obstructive look so that users can see the current date as well as events that are currently scheduled for the day as well as the next day’s events. It’s clean and simple and won’t get in the way.


Sometimes you might need to download different apps to get different looks or widgets, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing that, Everyday might be the calendar widget for you. It offers several different widgets and styles so that you can choose the look that best suits your personal aesthetic preferences as well as your needs.

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