Oppo previews Color OS 12, showing us what the OnePlus 9 will gain with Android 12


With the final build of Android 12 likely coming in the next couple of weeks, we’re beginning to see more phone makers unveil their iterations. Earlier in the week, Samsung opened its One UI 4 beta program based on Android 12, and now, Oppo has announced Color OS 12.

Oppo was one of the companies that partnered with Google to bring the Android 12 beta program to owners of the Find X3. However, this was a stock version of Android and not Oppo’s Color OS take on the software.

Just like Google, Oppo is bringing a new UI language to Color OS 12 once it begins arriving on devices. This includes a simplified approach with a softer look for the icons, along with better contrast, and new animations. Oppo states that there are 300 new animations being added to Color OS 12, as the company attempts to make the UI “imitate physical habits of resistance, inertia, and rebound.”

You might remember Apple’s odd attempt at offering iPhone users their own personalized emoji, dubbed Memoji and Animoji. Samsung has done something similar since then, and now Oppo is jumping on the train with “Omoji.” These are 3D animated emojis that can be fully customized, allowing users to adjust different aspects of the emoji such as the color of your skin, eyes, and even the shape of your nose.

While Samsung has its Edge Panels for the many Galaxy phones, Oppo uses something called the “Smart Sidebar.” However, Oppo has not really implemented any major new features as of late, but that’s changing with Color OS 12. The company confirmed that Smart Sidebar 2.0 integrates six different tools, allowing for quick access to your messages, settings, and others.

Another nifty feature coming to Color OS 12 is called “Cross-Screen Interconnection.” Essentially this allows you to connect your Oppo phone to a laptop and control your phone from your laptop. It seems as though its a bit similar to the “Link to Windows” feature we see on Android, which is quite robust if you use a Samsung Galaxy device.

Considering that Google has put a lot of focus into privacy and security with Android 12, it should come as no surprise that Oppo is following suit with Color OS 12. In the announcement, Oppo revealed that you will be notified when your phone is using the microphone, location services, or the camera. Additionally, Color OS 12 will prompt you with a reminder to prevent third-party apps from collecting background data.

Instead of just announcing the new version of Color OS without giving everyone an idea of when it will arrive, Oppo provided everyone with an upgrade plan. According to Oppo the Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition will be the first device to receive the update. Then, an open beta program will arrive for the rest of the Find X3 series along with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro sometime in October. Here’s a breakdown of the rest of the announced schedule:

  • Find X2 & Reno 6 – November 2021
  • Reno 5, Oppo K9, A95, A93, Ace 2, OnePlus 8 – December 2021

Oppo has big plans for Color OS 12, as it announced that this “upgrade plan” will arrive for more than 110 devices. Oppo also announced that it will provide three major Android upgrade releases for its flagship devices.


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