Xiaomi gives us a peek into their future with their smart glasses


With the death of Google Glass, many have wondered if maybe the world isn’t quite ready for smart glasses just yet, but it seems that maybe Xiaomi could be looking to prove the world wrong.

The company has recently unveiled a concept pair of smart glasses that could potentially be made a reality some day.

On the surface, the smart glasses don’t look particularly assuming, but that’s a good thing. No one really wants to walk around with a gadget on their face that screams, “Hey, I’m recording you!” Instead, Xiaomi’s decision was to go with something a bit more pared down and “normal”, but we suppose most of the magic takes place under the hood anyway.

For these glasses, Xiaomi has opted to use microLED imaging technology to provide backlighting to the display. The glasses also come with a 5MP camera that lets users take photos, and it also acts as a reader to read words and translate them in real time. There is also built-in microphones that can also pick up on foreign words and translate them as well, so these might actually come in handy when in a foreign country.

It also comes with the usual features one might expect from a pair of smart glasses, like receiving notifications from your phone, working in tandem with navigation apps, making calls, and more.

Unfortunately, since this is a concept, there’s no telling if Xiaomi has plans to make it a reality, or if they’re simply showing off an idea. The jury is still out on whether we’re now more ready for smart glasses than we were five years ago, but with Apple rumored to be getting in on the action, we’re not surprised if the competition is readying themselves for that eventuality.

Source: Xiaomi

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