Nothing Hurts More Than Getting Cheated When You Least Expect It, Here’s How To Protect Yourself (on Android)


While the question of whether or not there are bad people out there is subject to debate, there’s no doubt that criminals do in fact exist.  And these criminals will do just about anything to steal your hard-earned money – no matter how much or how little you’ve got it, if they can, they’ll take it all without blinking an eye. 

It surely hurts to be a victim of a crime, but what’s even more heartbreaking is to get cheated when you least expect it. Or even worse – when you literally blindly and willingly hand over your money to the criminal.  Not only will you be scammed out of your life savings, but you’ll also never forgive yourself for it either. As crazy as it sounds, that’s pretty much what a Vishing scam looks like… 

What exactly is Vishing? 

Vishing, a fairly newly coined term, is similar to Phishing, however, it takes place over the phone, rather than on the internet (Phishing is done most often through emails).  The idea behind this type of phone scam is to call you and obtain personal information from you. These scammers are so professional that they get you to share these details over the phone without realizing that you’re getting yourself into trouble and allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. 

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Vishing scammers often pretend to be someone that they’re not in order to ensure that you’ll trust them. You may think that you’re speaking to a doctor, to the bank or even to the police department. You may even think that you’re speaking to someone that you know personally. These people will call you and give you no reason to doubt them, and in turn, lead you to provide any information that they may ask you for over the phone without questions asked.  

Perhaps you provided your credit card for payment of pills, maybe even for a donation, or maybe you simply provided your email address and postal code to receive a special offer. In some cases, these small pieces of information are more than enough to hack into your personal accounts, steal your identity, or make very large purchases in your name, and really place a toll on your life.  It only takes a few seconds and one small mistake for everything to go wrong, and oftentimes, there’s no going back. It can be very hard to prove these kinds of things, and of course, no one wants to spend tons of money and energy in court either. 

The Problem 

While with typical types of more traditional crime we can reduce it by locking our doors and setting up security cameras, when it comes to Vishing over the phone, it’s a real challenge to recognize, and also to prevent. Even with Caller ID technology and apps, many scammers have managed to find ways to appear on your phone screen as any number their heart desires – and this is where the real problem lies.  

If you’re not able to recognize the crime, then you’ll see no reason to protect yourself and be wary over the phone. If you think you know who you’re speaking to, then there’s no reason to be careful, and that’s exactly why these scammers perform this type of Vishing scam on innocent people like you.  So what’s the solution? How can you protect yourself and sleep well at night knowing that you won’t be getting phone calls from criminals out to get you? How can you ever trust anyone over the phone? 

CallApp: The Vishing Solution 

What’s the ultimate Vishing solution? The answer is simple. Well, not quite that simple, but with CallApp, a free Android app –  the work is pretty much done for you, and while nothing is 100%, you can still rest assured that you’re much safer than you were without it. 

CallApp offers the most advanced Caller ID technology with the world’s largest phone number database to ensure that you can always know who’s calling. And while there are of course many other apps and softwares that provide such a service, CallApp offers an additional number verification feature to actually confirm the number, making it the most accurate and reliable option, to really always know who’s calling. Many scammers have managed to find ways to appear on your call screen as any number their heart desires (Caller ID spoofing), and CallApp can help prevent this by verifying the number as either confirmed or spoofed.  

This way, if the ‘bank’ or ‘doctor’s office’ shows up on your phone screen as the Caller ID, you can be far more confident about who you’re speaking to, and if asked for personal information, you can do so with far more confidence that you’re not the victim of a Vishing scam. 

CallApp: Block Scammers 

While the number verification feature is obviously a wonderful and beneficial feature from CallApp, you can also rely on CallApp to identify numbers as scams for you and even block them for you too. What this means is that you’re already less likely to receive these types of calls in the first place, and can ensure that you’re getting only the calls that you want to be receiving from your loved ones and trusted organizations without having to worry. 

What Else To Look Out For 

While our best recommendation to protect yourself against Vishing and reduce your heart rate would surely be to download CallApp as soon as possible (it only takes a minute), there are few other things to look out for while speaking on the phone in order to really be fully protected and more safe than sorry. 

It’s important to be wary of what kinds of information you share over the phone – and that if you’re ever in doubt, then trust your gut feeling. There’s really no such thing as being too careful, especially over the phone and the internet.  If you are not completely confident about who you are speaking to, whether thanks to CallApp’s advanced technology or knowing that you’re speaking to a close family member, then don’t risk it.  

Nothing hurts more than getting cheated when you least expect it. Protect your dignity, protect your hard-earned money, protect your family, protect your future. Download CallApp now for free from the Google Play store (available currently only on Android devices, hopefully, it will be on iPhone too in the very near future) and join 100 million others who are safe against Vishing scams.

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