Aug 23rd, 2021

Changing the wallpaper of your smartphone might seem a bit of a trivial thing to do, but it actually makes a difference. Wallpapers not only let you showcase a bit of your personality, but it can also evoke certain moods. For example, unlocking your phone and seeing a beautiful sunset can make you feel at peace.

Having a funny wallpaper can brighten your mood, or if you want to get a bit technical, having a dark wallpaper on an OLED display can also potentially help you conserve battery life! That being said, with there being so many to choose from, we’ve put together a list of the 100 best wallpapers that you’ll definitely want to check out. We’ve broken them down into various categories, making it easier to find the perfect wallpaper for your smartphone.

If you’re viewing this on your smartphone, simply long-press the image you’d like to download, select “Download link” to download the image to your phone.