Prepare your wallets, the Pixel 6 Pro is going to be expensive


Just the other day, Google officially confirmed some key features of their upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones, but they stopped short of mentioning how much it would cost. We imagine that this would be revealed later when the phones were officially announced, but it seems that those hoping for an affordable handset will be disappointed.

In an interview with The Verge, Google’s hardware boss, Rick Osterloh, told the publication that the Pixel 6 Pro is going to be a “premium-priced product”. It sounded a bit ambiguous, but in a separate interview with Der Spiegel, Osterloh did not mince words when he said that the Pixel 6 Pro was going to be expensive.

Pricing was not mentioned, unsurprisingly, but given that flagship phones these days are priced $900 and upwards, we are preparing ourselves (and our wallets) for the worst. Back in the day of the Nexus phones, Google used to price them very affordably and they were a great way to get yourself a phone that offered the stock Android experience.

Google has made strides over the years with its Pixel offerings and creating features that are exclusive to the Pixel phones, plus with the Pixel 6 series coming with Google’s new Tensor chipset, we guess we can’t blame them for pricing it higher since this would be an investment that they’re probably trying to recoup.

Either way we should have more details regarding pricing in the next month or two, so check back with us then for the updates.

Source: Droid-Life

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