Jul 27th, 2021

Ever since Android made its debut years ago, Google has been relying on dessert names to name its Android versions. This was a fun way that helped users keep track of the different Android builds, plus it also was fun for users who loved guessing what the next version of Android could be called.

Now that we’re in Android 12, or “S”, this means that in 2022 we will be getting Android 13 “T”. It probably doesn’t really take a genius to figure out what dessert starts with “T” and a sighting on a commit on the AOSP Gerrit by @_cdesai has revealed that Android 13 will be known as “Tiramisu”.

Before you get too excited, in case you forgot, starting with Android 10 or “Q”, Google stopped using dessert names in its public releases. The following Android builds after that simply referred to the version number, although internally it was still being referred to by its dessert name.

This means that it’s almost a given that when Google does announce Android 13, Tiramisu might be mentioned but it probably won’t be used. It is kind of a bummer as the fun naming schemes helped keep things light and interesting and it will be missed, but hey, even if Google stops using them, who’s to say we have to stop too?

Source: XDA Developers

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