CallApp: The Best App Just Got Better


We’re thrilled to announce the exciting release of CallApp’s all-new, super clean and sleek design. The new design offers a look that’s simple to the eye, taking the ultimate communication experience to the next level. CallApp is now not only more productive than ever before, but also more comfortable and more focused, basing its new look on Google’s Style Design guide. 

While its hundreds of millions of users across the globe (198 countries to be exact) already loved using the app for its wide variety of invaluable calling features, CallApp realized that the design could use some simplifying. 

Less Is More

With so many features and capabilities, they understood that it was important to ‘simplify’ the experience and ease the process for the user.  Fear not, the app is still the same great product that it once was, and still has all the great features you could ever want. This time around, it’s just a little less colorful and overwhelming to the eye. Sometimes in life, less is more, and it’s easy to get carried away with adding more and more colors to make a product more appealing. 

Before vs. After 

If you compare the original design to the new one, you’ll notice that the layout is all white, and the top part that was once blue no longer appears as a separate section.  This creates a much neater, organized look that the designers behind this project are confident will help make the communication process even more of a pleasant one with CallApp. 

For those familiar with the AI analytics and insights feature, providing each user with personalized data about their calling behaviors and patterns, the changes here are most noticeable, with much lighter, less harsh colors in the interface. The colors that appear now in the feature are more pastel-style colors, making for a fresh new look. 

The App Itself 

If you haven’t yet had the chance to download CallApp, well it’s safe to say that you’re just in time (although you’re still behind 100 million other users).  The new design now makes one of the best and most useful Android apps out there, even better.  

Caller ID, Spam Blocker and Call Recorder

CallApp is most commonly known as a Caller ID, Spam Blocker and Call Recorder. The app has the most advanced and accurate identification technology with the world’s largest phone number database, allowing users to always know who’s calling.  The app also verifies numbers against Caller ID spoofing. 

CallApp, also, of course, recognizes scam numbers and allows users to report them too. Scam calls, spam calls, and robocalls are incredibly common in the United States and aim to take advantage of innocent people.  CallApp offers the simplest, safest and easiest way to block these types of unwanted calls. 

The Call Recorder feature offers an added value to the app – allowing users to record and save all their calls without downloading another app or spending money on this service.  By recording calls, the user never has to worry about forgetting an important detail of a call.

More Added Value: Customization & Productivity 

On top of all these ‘basic’ features that CallApp is best known for,  the app also offers unique customization features as well as productivity features.  As far as customization, it’s honestly harder to find an aspect of CallApp and the calling experience that can’t be customized with the app. The most noteworthy, however, would surely be the personalized video ringtones. This exciting feature allows users to upload their own videos and set them as their ringtone – making for a super cute and unique way to relive the memories and also identify each caller.  CallApp makes sure that you don’t have the same boring ringtone for each user and that you can really make the experience ‘come alive’. 

And when it comes to productivity? Well, now with the new design – there’s no doubt that CallApp will help you save time while communicating more than you could have ever imagined.  But design and interface aside, the app offers endless tools to increase communication productivity. From personalized AI missed call reminders to the ability to perform any action following a call in just a click, there’s really nothing CallApp hasn’t thought of. 

Download CallApp now for free to enjoy all these not-to-miss features in the all-new interface!


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