The Pixel Buds A-Series won’t suffer from the same connectivity problems as the Pixel Buds


When the Pixel Buds (2020) were introduced last year, there was a lot of excitement since Google had moved away from the OG Pixel Buds with that awkward cable that wrapped around the back of your neck. Users were given a sleek design, a fun little egg-shaped case, and a matte finish that is really something more headphone makers need to adopt. While these had all of the great hands-free Assistant prowess, and are pretty comfortable to wear, there was one issue that has plagued more than just a handful of owners.

With the last version of the Pixel Buds, Google thought that it would introduce a new-ish way for the Buds to pair up to your phone. Instead of having both earbuds pair with your phone simultaneously, only one earbud would pair to your device, and then the other earbud would pair to the “primary” bud. This led to issues where your phone and the Pixel Buds wouldn’t stay connected, and it didn’t matter if you were using a Pixel 4, Pixel 5, Galaxy S21, OnePlus 9, or any other Android device.

The early reviews are coming in for the Pixel Buds A-Series that were announced earlier today, and by many accounts, those connectivity issues have been solved. No, Google didn’t work some black magic here, but simply fixed the problems from the last iteration. A source speaking to 9to5Google confirmed that the new A-Series Pixel Buds connect both of the earbuds to your smartphone.

So what does this mean for owners of the Pixel Buds 2020? Well, we’re simply just out of luck. Despite numerous software updates aimed at trying to make life easier and fix those annoying problems, nothing has really seemed to stick. What makes the problem worse is the fact that it’s not something that is always present, and it affects different Pixel Buds users in different ways.

If you love your Pixel Buds and are okay with forgoing wireless charging, swipe gestures, and don’t need Active Noise Cancelation, you’ll be better off pre-ordering the new Pixel Buds A-Series. It’s not a great solution, but it’s the best solution if you’re a Pixel Buds owner who is tired of the cut-outs. Or, you could just grab some Galaxy Buds Pro or even the new Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen).


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