How to Get A Free Vehicle History Report Online


Vehicle history is the only element that is necessary before buying a used vehicle. As historical records are crucial to make a decision, it is also important that you choose an efficient vehicle history report tool.

In this article, we will discuss the best vehicle history report lookup tool as well as its alternatives to get a free car history report. 

When We Need A Vehicle History Report

Before finalizing your used car purchase, a vehicle history report is necessary. It contains a wealth of data about the car’s history. Moreover, you will get:

  • Damage History: The report gives you all details about the accidents as well as the extent of the damages.
  • Sales History: You will get the sales and ownership history like the first purchase after it was manufactured. 
  • Recalls: A car history report shows the involvement of the vehicle in any recalls and repairs. 
  • Title History: Various brands can be put into the title of the vehicle that depicts how it has been used in the past. 

How to Get A Free Vehicle History Report

If you are looking to do a free vehicle history check then, VinPit is the right tool that provides every single detail of the vehicle.

VinPit – Absolute Free Car History Report

VinPit is a trustworthy and descriptive VIN lookup tool that provides a solution when you are looking for a used vehicle. It extracts the history details based on the VIN number and gives you a detailed report. The users can get access to damage/accident records, model, year, manufacturer, security ratings, and recalls.

VinPit is the best VIN lookup tool as it aims to provide basic information about your vehicle as well as other inspections related to it. VinPit offers a free vehicle history report by VIN number, so you can go for any car after getting its detailed report.

The VIN lookup tool keeps updating its huge database. This leads to sufficient information that a buyer needs before purchasing a car. It has built confidence in the buyers and sellers for a better relationship.

Why is VinPit the Efficient and Precise Vehicle History Report Tool?

Many people prefer VinPit to VIN lookup because it offers efficient services to its users. Here are the reasons why it is considered the best tool.

  • Last Inquiries

You will get the details on when, how often, and where the vehicle was tested. It indicates who was interested in buying or inspecting the car and when it happened. Such details show that someone was interested in buying a car, but for some reason, he refused to complete the contract.

  • Impound/Export Records

This section identifies the lien, confinement, and export documents. Such documents indicate if the vehicle was ever exported outside the U.S.

  • Gadgets of the Vehicle

The list of equipment represents the vehicle’s equipment installed in it. This is very beneficial for the buyer because you can now check if something is missing or replaced.

  • Vehicle Value Information

Before you bid, it is important to know the amount of the car available to ensure that you do not overcharge. Your vehicle details report section will provide the sales and trading value as well as the amount of credit you can expect. 

VinPit Official Website: www.vinpit.com

How to Get a Vehicle History Report through VinPit?

VIN lookup is necessary to do before you are going to purchase a car. In this part, we will explain how you can do a free VIN lookup via VinPit. 

Step 1: First of all, a VIN number of a vehicle is required. Extract the 17-character VIN that could be located near the engine or check the documents.

Step 2: Go to the official site of the VinPit lookup tool. From the top toolbar, click the ‘Vehicle History Report‘ option. Enter the extracted VIN number at the given location.

Step 3: When you have entered the VIN number, click the ‘Start Search’ option. After some time, a detailed report on the searched VIN will be shown on your screen.

Acquire Detailed and Precise Vehicle History Report through VinPit >>

Alternative Ways to Get A Free Car History Report Online

You can also get a free vehicle history report by VIN number by using various alternative online tools. In this part, we will mention some of them with their pros and cons.


Release your stress during the car purchasing process with the help of the EpicVIN checking history tool. It contains billions of vehicle history entries, including damage/accident, title records, mileage, odometer readings, and other information. 

EpicVin gathers real-time data based on VIN from the trustworthy source-NMVTIS. You can purchase the vehicle confidently after getting valid and safe data about it. It is extremely useful for those who want to get the right deal without any doubt. Get EpicVIN’s one report for $9.99, 4 reports for $25.17, and 16 reports for $86.34.


  • Suitable for buyers and sellers.
  • Easy-to-use and efficient service.


  • Operates only for U.S vehicles.


It is the world’s first car VIN check based on blockchain. carVertical tends to provide you detailed history reports including its authentic mileage and damage reports. The tool claims to collect as much information from various global resources. 

carVertical mostly focuses on data quality to give up-to-date data to the users. The site is too quick to answer the queries of the clients, and the team works 24/7. It offers different pricing packages and discounts, such as a single detailed report that costs $14.99 and 2 reports at a discounted price. 


  • Actual odometer readings.
  • Blockchain-based reports.


  • No alternative options to get more than 3 reports.


AutoCheck VIN checker provides valuable information at an affordable price. It helps you to check and compare similar vehicles that they are considering purchasing. The tool rates the score of the vehicle’s condition from scratch. AutoCheck provides a detailed report including, title history, accident reports, mileage, and engine capacity. 

Moreover, the report is highlighted by score, fast, and easy to read. You can get in-depth data and quicker access to it. It offers a single report for $24, 25 reports for $49.99, and 300 reports for $99 affordable prices. 


  • More accessible than other tools
  • Trustworthy data and information


  • Provides few data sources if compare with top tools


The Bumper is a free VIN check tool that allows you to get a detailed vehicle history report free. It has a vast database to provide you valid information including, damage/theft reports, year, make, model, or recalls.

This tool makes it possible to get unlimited reports at affordable prices. You will get authentic and accurate reports based on valid data. Get your hands on Bumper’s unlimited reports for $19.99/month and $38.97 for 3 months.


  • Special customer service and assistance.
  • Works fast.


  • Fewer sources of data than top tiers.


The most trusted CARFAX has helped millions of sellers and buyers to make better decisions to buy vehicles. It displays all the records throughout the vehicle’s life span. CARFAX reports give initial data, which is an excellent point for buying a used car vehicle. 

In short, you will get accurate data from the growing database with over 14 billion records from various sources. Condition and safety are important variables that you should consider when buying a used car. CARFAX car reports can help make decisions to buy better-used cars. They provide a comprehensive history of any vehicle. You have to pay $39.99 for a single CARFAX report, $79.99 for three reports, and $99.99 for five reports. 


  • Comprehensive vehicle history report.
  • Largest cross-border databases.


  • Much more expensive than other tools.


A free VIN lookup tool allows you to extract crucial vehicle history to make the final decision for purchasing a used car. This article has discussed the best VIN tool-VinPit, which is a free and efficient tool. It also explains why VinPit is the best vehicle history report tool to get a free report online. Moreover, you can choose alternative tools to get a vehicle history report for free.

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