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If you ever think of your lost friend or colleague, you want to meet them again and cherish your memories all over again. But, all that you have about them is their name. What would you do in such a case? You might give up the idea of meeting them, thinking that there cannot be any technology that helps you find people by their name.

However, the world is making sheer progress in the field of software and technology. Somehow, it is possible for us to keep track of our loved ones by ethically spying on them or finding their records on the internet. There are few public search engines that claim to provide authentic information about people with their names, phone numbers, or email address. However, some of them turn out to be irrelevant scams.

There are some authentic and most-used lookup applications that are tested and approved to be factual.

This article is about Intelius, and the Intelius review would help you know about the service and its benefits.

What is the Intelius lookup service?

Intelius is a lookup service that allows you to enter the name, phone number or any other information of the target in the interface of the software. The software then finds out the identity and background details of the target person through the connected database and public search directories.

1.1 Is Intelius Safe?

The question may arise in your mind if Intelius is safe or not. The software has high privacy policies. It does not let the user misuse the information of the target and declares it illegal and unethical under the Fair credit report act (FCRA). Moreover, it ensures the user’s privacy as well and does not allow anyone to access his identity.

1.2 Is Intelius Genuine?

You may think and ask yourself, “Is Intelius genuine?” This is a genuine service and provides a completely free background service. It is not a scam. In fact, if you subscribe to its plan, you will see that the information you get is actual and not made-up at all. You will get what you pay for.

1.3 Is Intelius free?

“Is Intelius free?” This question is undoubtedly relevant and the most-asked one. The application is not free, and it goes for any service which is genuine. The Intelius premium plus package provides detailed records, while the simple subscription is comparatively less in cost and authentic as well.

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Premium Features Offered by Intelius

Intelius is one of the most-used services and is currently being used by 1 million people in 190+ countries all over the world. The service has been declared top-notch by many news brands, including TechTimes and 9to5Mac, etc.

The service exhibits many key features that help you find information and background information with details.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup service takes the phone number of the target person in order to return his information. The data includes the background history of the target, including his traffic records, felonies, court cases, and court entries with civil court records.

If the target has any case registered, the application shows it. If the target has any alternative phone numbers, they will also be displayed. Moreover, the software shows the relatives and acquaintances of the target person in detail.

  • Reverse Email Lookup

The reverse email lookup service will discover the phone numbers and social media handles of the target person with accuracy.

If someone mails you over and over to offer any kind of job or opportunity, but you don’t believe him. You can enter his email address in the interface of Intelius. The application will start putting records of his background information and real identity. If he has more email addresses, you can also access them.

  • People Search

Intelius offers a people search service, which offers you to enter the name of the target and the state where you want to run the service. After entering the correct name, the application will start searching for the relevant people that match the name.

The information includes complete identity like age, date of birth, and residence. The application also reveals the employment history of the target person and the educational institutes he has studied in.

Intelius Official Website: www.intelius.com

What Makes Intelius so Popular Among Other Apps?

Intelius, despite providing useful information, has many uses that enable it to be on the top of other services.

  • Cheap Trial

Unlike other applications, the software offers a cheap trial that you can use and test the service before subscribing to it. Many other background check services don’t offer users to use the application at such cheapest rates.

  •  User-Friendly Service

The application has a user-friendly interface. You can easily find what you’re looking for. Moreover, if you face any problem while finding data, the application assists you. It has 24/7 service and support available. You can find assistance at any time of the hour.

  • Huge Database

Intelius has huge database connections. This is the reason why users can easily find the oldest records of their target. Moreover, the application is much accurate which is due to its link with national and international court records and database directories.

  • In-Depth Reports

The software provides in-depth reports without any made-up information. It implies that if it shows the criminal history of the target, the software will also show the type of crime he committed. The report will also have details of the crime and the year in which the case was claimed on target.

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Part 4: Alternatives of Intelius Service

There are other services available for your support. These services are also easy-to-use and exhibit authentic and factual information. However, some minor and major differences lead Intelius to be a top-notch application.

These services include:


The Intelius overview has concluded that the software has an easy-to-use interface, which leads the user to easily find their target without any need for technical information. If you want to find your relatives or old friends, the application can surely offer assistance. It will explain the property records, criminal backgrounds, felonies, and court proceedings of the directed person.

If he has any alternative phone numbers, email addresses, or relatives, you can also find them. The software has transparency and does not allow anyone to reach the target or user’s information. It keeps the identity of the user hidden from everyone. Anyone looking for a legit background check service will surely not get disappointed. 

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