TheWiSpy Overview: 10+ Features to Monitor Kids Online


Nowadays, owning a smart device is not a luxury but a necessity. The internet has so much useful content, yet it can be an unsafe place for kids. The online space has many hidden dangers that can attack kids at any time. Parents shall control their kids’ online space using a parental control app. 

Here is a solution, TheWiSpy parental control app.

Let’s see how online dangers can harm your kids and how the TWS app helps you monitor and save kids online.

What is TWS App?

TheWiSpy is a parental control app well-known for its quality kids’ monitoring and tracking features. It grants parents remote access to their kid’s mobile devices. Not only this, TheWiSpy app helps parents to track the whereabouts of their children with only a few clicks. Apart from monitoring, the TWS app is designed to control mobile phones and tablets as well. So, if you worry about your kid’s becoming a cell phone addict, you can use TheWiSpy app to restrict his/her screen usage in real-time. It offers content filtering, app blocking, GPS tracking, and many other features to help you create a safe online and offline environment for your children.

Internet Dangers & TheWiSpy Parental Controls:

The impact of online socializing has made us all rely on the internet more than ever before. We use internet space as our personal journal and share everything about our lives online. It feels good to gain some likes on your posts, but what if an online predator is chasing after you?

Haunting, isn’t it?

There is not one but numerous cyber threats that kids can encounter if they use unrestricted internet space. We all are aware that pornography can have adverse effects on the developing brain of children. But have you ever thought cyberbullying and catfishing can cause life-threatening conditions for your child?

Little do we know about cyber dangers; online predators and perpetrators misuse the internet space to exploit tweens and teens. 

Here are the most dangerous threats that can haunt your child’s well-being in real life.

Cyberbullying – It is bullying or trolling someone via the internet. Hate comments and speech can develop low self-esteem among kids, and they even can attempt suicide to avoid such nuisance.

Catfishing – The online world is full of fake identities. Catfishing is luring someone using a false identity that matches the interests of the victim. The perpetrator catfish someone for sexual or monetary benefits.

Online Predation – Sexual predators befriend young kids, and once they gain their trust, they ask for sexual favors from them. An online predator can ask your child for nudes and leak them on the dark web.

Deep Fakes – Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, deep fakes can imitate your facial structure and generate photos and videos to deceive people. Deep fakes can make porn videos of innocent people. Kids who have set no privacy on their social media account can quickly become the victim of nonconsensual deep fake pornography. 

Adult Content – Nude images, porn videos, and other explicit content can quickly grab a kid’s attention. Porn addiction among teens is still the most problematic issue for modern parents. Such illicit content can negatively impact a child’s brain and make him/her less sensitive.

Addictive Games – PubG, CounterStrike, DOTA, and many other games are popular among teenagers. Such games develop addiction among kids and affect their academic performance very much.

Too much screen time can open the doors for uninvited cyber dangers. That is why it is crucial to watch your child’s online space. Here, TheWiSpy helps parents monitor their growing kids’ mobile phones and tablets to make sure they surf through the internet safely. Moreover, TheWiSpy empowers parents to control their kids’ internet activities to protect them from online threats.

Let’s dig in more and see how TheWiSpy parental controls can save your children.

TheWiSpy Parental Control Features:

Family security is of utmost importance for all of us. No one would like their child suffering from depression just because a bully online trolled him? The online space has many folds, some are prominent, and others are hidden. It would not be incorrect to say that kids are more at risk online than offline.

Here is a glimpse of TheWiSpy parental control tools for Android smart devices.

Call Monitoring & Blocking:

Phone calls monitoring is a must feature for Android parental control apps. Using such a tool, parents can secretly track the incoming and outgoing calls of their teens. TheWiSpy call monitoring feature records phone calls and allows parents to listen to the recorded calls remotely. You don’t have to peek in your kid’s phone to check the call logs. The TWS also lets you monitor call history with frequent caller names, contact information, call durations, timestamps, and dates.

Text Messages Tracking:

Social media friendship indeed starts with texting. Text messages have made communication not only easier but convenient as well. It has been observed that a considerable number of teens are now engaging in sexting. Besides this, teens use slang language and inappropriate text abbreviations while texting their friends. Parents can monitor text messages sent or received by their kids’ phones. With TheWiSpy text message tracker, parents can secretly watch the ongoing text conversation of their teens in real-time. It also provides comprehensive reports on contact details, dates, timestamps of the corresponding text messages, etc.

GPS Tracking:

Kids wander in playgrounds for sports or to meet their friends. But due to increasing abduction and rape cases, parents must keep an eye on their kids while they play outside. As a parent, you cannot follow your kid every time. But, at least you can track your child’s location remotely. TheWiSpy GPS cell phone tracker helps parents locate their kids from a remote location; this means you can track your offsprings while sitting at your office. The TWS app uses the GPS of the target phone or tablet. It records the real-time location to provide parents with complete location history updates.

App Blocking:

The internet is packed with apps that are age-inappropriate for juveniles. Kids do install apps they find eye-catching on the Play Store. Scam apps or illicit apps advertise themselves using attractive covers, and children are unaware of this fact. That is why parents are liable to block explicit apps from their kids’ screens. TheWiSpy app allows you to monitor mobile applications. It lets you block the improper apps without letting your child know. This way, parents can create a safer digital environment for kids and protect them from addictive games in real-time.


If you worry about your teen ending up at an alcohol bar, then it’s time to restrict geo-zones with geofencing. It is a modern tracking tool that enables you to mark unsafe geo-boundaries like pubs, clubs, etc. TheWiSpy geo-fencing alerts keep parents notified about the pin location of their offsprings. And, if the child enters the prohibited place, the TWS app instantly updates the parents with complete location history details. If you find your child at an unusual place, you can ask him/her about it by keeping the recorded location details as evidence.

Content Filters:

Pornography, violent videos, self-harm, blasphemy; there is so much on the internet you would not like your child to engage with. TheWiSpy content filters allow parents to restrict illicit content from the phones and tablets owned by their kids. From explicit websites to inappropriate games, you can filter any content you find unsuitable for your kids. 

Camera Bug:

The camera bug feature is pretty rare in parental control apps. But, the top parental control apps offer such a feature allowing parents to monitor their kids’ surroundings. With TheWiSpy cam spying, parents can secretly control the camera of their kids’ phones and watch their surrounding environment remotely. The end-user can capture photos and make short videos by remotely controlling the camera.

Microphone Bug:

Like the came bug, TheWiSpy offers a microphone bug that enables parents to record the background sounds of the target device. If you have no idea where your child is, you can just activate the microphone or his/her device to know the surroundings. This feature is known as surround recording, and it helps parents hear background noises surrounding their kids to ensure they are in a safe place.

Multimedia Monitoring:

TheWiSpy is an elite Android monitoring app. Its multimedia tracking feature is a bounty for all parents. If you worry about your child sharing improper media, it’s time to check his/her phone gallery. TheWiSpy app allows you to watch every saved photo and video of your target device. You can also delete media that is offensive or may hurt someone. The big thing about this feature is that you can ask your child about digital activities upon finding lousy content by using TWS recorded files as evidence.

Screen Recording:

Kids nowadays spend too much time on mobile phones and tablets. If you wonder what your child does, using the internet, then TheWiSpy is the solution for you. Using the TWS app, you can record the screen activity of your kids and watch what they’ve been doing online. There is no screen activity that the TWS app can not track. 


It is an advanced feature of TheWiSpy parental monitoring app. It tapes the keystrokes of the target phone or tablet and updates the end-user about the typed passwords, queries, text messages, etc. As a parent, you must avail of this feature because it lets you monitor the whole keystroke activity of your child in real-time. There is no better way to catch sexting or trolling comments among teens than using TheWiSpy keylogger app.

Screen Time Restriction:

Parents know how disturbing it is to see their kids glued to the smart screens becoming nothing but couch potatoes. Well, there is a solution known as screen time restrictions. No matter how much you ask your children to reduce screen usage, they won’t listen. TheWiSpy parental control app enables parents to set screen time restrictions so that every kid can have a healthy digital time with mobile devices. Using TheWiSpy screen time restrictions, parents can allow certain hours for kids to use their smart devices. Once the limit is reached, the target device automatically shuts off.                     

Other Features:

TheWiSpy app delivers a complete set of features that the best parental control apps require for proper functionality. Other Android monitoring features include; WiFi tracking, call history monitoring, calendar dates tracking, voice message monitoring, and many more. TheWiSpy app offers extensive tools to control kids’ devices remotely and secretly.


FAQs – Is This Parental Control Really Helpful?

Is TheWiSpy a Legal Parental Control App?

Indeed, TheWiSpy is a legit parental control software. It is designed to control and manage kids’ digital activities so that no cyber threat can harm them. TheWiSpy parental control app offers more features than any other parental monitoring software in the online market.

How to Get TheWiSpy App?

There are three simple steps to get started with TheWiSpy parental control app:

Get the License – Visit TheWiSpy website. Sign up & register yourself. Purchase a suitable subscription plan and get the app download link.

Configure the App – Pick your kid’s device and install the TWS app on it. 

Open Dashboard – Using your registered account, access the TWS control panel and monitor and manage your kid’s device remotely.

Is My Device Compatible with TheWiSpy App?

TheWiSpy parental control software is compatible with Android devices. If your target device runs Android 4.0 or a higher version, then TheWiSpy is undoubtedly compatible with it.

Final Words:

Parental control apps have helped parents for years to keep a check on their offspring’s online and offline mobile activities. Today, parental control apps have evolved much to empower parents to control their kids’ mobile/tablet screens.

And, the best parental control app today is TheWiSpy!

So, get your subscription today and protect your kids from online and offline hazards.

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