Samsung shows off crazy foldable and rollable concepts, including the potential Galaxy Z Roll


If you can’t tell by now, we simply are getting impatient as we await the launch of Samsung’s next series of foldable smartphones. However, Samsung Display is already looking to the future, as the company shared a concept video revealing what could come down the pipeline.

The first display is similar to that of the LG Rollable that will never see the light of day, while another gives us a massive 17-inch display similar to the seemingly defunct Microsoft Surface Neo. Then, it seems that Samsung has figured out the whole selfie camera dilemma for laptops, with the Samsung Under Panel Camera. We’ve seen some smartphone makers attempt this, but it wasn’t well-received. If there’s anything that we know about Samsung, it’s that the company could most definitely succeed where others have failed.

Shortly after this video was published to the Samsung Display Youtube channel, it was discovered that Samsung had actually filed a patent for the “Samsung Z Roll” (via GSMArena). Of course, this is likely the rollable device that was shown off in the concept video, or maybe it will be for something else entirely. Samsung could have also just been getting ahead of the curve and filing the patent before another company tried to come in and take it over.

The patent filing doesn’t really share anything else in regards to the potential capabilities of the Z Roll. However, it is suggested in the description that we could see S Pen support. This really shouldn’t come as any surprise given that Samsung is adding such support to more devices starting with the S21 Ultra. Plus, there are rumors galore suggesting that Samsung has improved its folding display technology to the point where S Pen support could come to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This is really awesome to see, but we’re still at least months (more likely years) before any of these concepts come to fruition. Samsung continues to flex its muscles and show the world that it manufactures some of the best displays on the market, and this just further evidence of that.


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