Opera GX is the mobile browser for gamers that you didn’t think you’d need


Gaming phones, gaming controllers, and now gaming browsers? Opera is looking to cater to gamers with the first mobile browser designed with the mobile gamer in mind. We already have plenty of browsers to choose from on the Play Store, but Opera GX is looking to do things a little bit differently.

Opera GX is already available on the desktop with the same gaming-centric features in mind. So the developers are taking advantage of the popularity and bringing its desktop-class browser onto your favorite Android phone. There are some unique features built into the app, and all of them are evident as soon as you fire it up for the first time.

With the Fast Action Button (FAB) at the bottom, you can quickly search, switch between open tabs, or send to “My Flow” which is the equivalent of sending a link to your desktop or vice-versa. There are four different gamer-centric and almost RGB-like themes built-in, giving you some options to choose from other than just your system settings.

When you open the app for the first time and go through the setup process, you’ll be greeted with the GX Corner. This can be achieved by just scrolling down a bit on the main screen. From here, you are shown all of the latest deals, along with upcoming (or even past) release dates. You can also see what games are currently trending, giving you an idea as to whether you should add yet another title to your Steam library.

Since March 2021, Opera GX has seen more than nine million active users. This accounts for a 190% growth year-over-year, while the accompanying Opera GX Discord is currently up to more than 285,000 users.

Opera GX is rolling out its beta program for the mobile browser starting today for both Android and iOS. It has plans to bring it to more and more users in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. We’ll be back to share our thoughts on Opera GX Mobile, once we’ve had some more time to see how it stacks up against Chrome.


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