Dusk is a pair of smart sunglasses that lets you control how much tint you want


Photochromic lenses (or transitional lenses) are a pretty cool concept where it can turn from dark to clear depending on the light. This is useful if you wear prescription glasses and don’t want to carry around a separate set of sunglasses, but as many photochromic lens owners know, the tech behind it can be a bit finicky.

If you wanted more control over the tint of your glasses, then as luck would have it, Ampere has announced Dusk, a pair of smart sunglasses which offers the user electrochromic lenses that can be controlled via its accompanying smartphone app. This means that through the app, users will get to control the tint of the glasses.

According to Ampere, apparently it takes as little as 0.1 seconds to make the change. This is versus more traditional transitional lenses that can take much longer to make the change from dark to light. Users will also be able to save their preferred settings so that they can always switch between different shades instantly.

In addition to an app-controlled tint, the Dusk sunglasses will also come with built-in speakers in the form of an open-ear audio system that will let you listen to audio without the need for headphones, while also ensuring that you’re aware of your surroundings. There is a built-in microphone and a button that will launch Siri or Google Assistant.

Ampere has also designed the Dusk to be compatible with Apple’s new AirTag, where there will be a space in the charging case for you to slot in the tracker. If the Dusk sunglasses sound like something you could be interested in, it will be going on presale this month for $200 and will ship in July, after which its retail price will be set at $300.

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