Samsung could have finally solved the under-display camera problem


Our phone screens are getting larger and to solve that problem, phone makers are pushing the edges of the screens to the limit to eliminate borders to help maintain the size of phones. Unfortunately, the front-facing camera and sensors still need a place to be housed, which is why some companies have opted for notches or hole-punch cutouts.

Obviously, ideally an under-display camera would be the best solution, and for a while now Samsung has been working on it. It looks like the company could finally be ready because for the upcoming Display Week 2021 event, Samsung has unveiled their own under-display camera technology. According to Samsung:

“It is a full-screen technology that minimizes the bezel and maximizes the screen by mounting the front camera on the bezel part of the existing IT device under the panel, and secures camera functions by increasing the transmittance of the panel part where the camera module is located.”

The problem with putting a camera under the display is having to deal with potential degraded image quality, which might explain why Samsung has taken longer than some of the competition. It remains to be seen if Samsung’s solution might be better than the others, so hopefully we’ll have more details and maybe some samples to look forward to soon.

Source: Samsung

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