VIP-SCDkey Windows 10 PRO OEM Key $15 and Office 2019 $45!


Purchasing a brand new Windows 10 license on retail from Microsoft might seem daunting due to the price tag. If you are looking to put together a new PC, upgrade an existing one, or maybe purchase new productivity software, then you’re in luck because the folks at VIP-SCDkey are running a sale on its Windows 10 and Office OEM licenses.

This will knock 20% off the already affordable prices with the skpha coupon code, so be sure to enter it at checkout to take advantage of the additional discount!

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OEM VS Retail

Like we said, the retail prices of Windows 10 or Office 2016/2019 might be rather shocking, so you might wonder how is it that the prices for these OEM keys are so cheap? OEM keys are usually sold to computer manufacturers to install Windows on prebuilt machines. Unlike retail, their license is usually good for the computer it was installed on.

This means that should you format your computer and need to reinstall Windows 10, you won’t be able to use the same code. Retail gives you a bit more flexibility, but the downside is that it is more expensive. OEM codes, like those sold by VIP-SCDkey are usually cheap enough where you can buy multiple copies and still save money compared to retail.

Is Windows 10 Pro worth upgrading to?

There are obvious differences between the Home and Pro version of Windows 10. Home pretty much does whatever an operating system is supposed to do. If you don’t really need that much from your operating system, it is usually more than enough to get the job done.

The Pro version of Windows 10 does offer some added advantages like better security and privacy in the form of Windows Information Protection and BitLocker, just to name a few. This might be important for those who keep sensitive files on their computers like work-related documents that they don’t want to accidentally have leaked to the public. If you value these features then going Pro could be a good idea.

Plus, with Windows 10 Pro being priced just a couple of dollars more than Home, why not?

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