ZTE unveils improved under-display selfie camera


If you ask me, I wouldn’t have traded away notches for these hole-punch cameras, but it seems that we are nearing the demise of those as well. There have been a few companies working on all-new cameras that rest under the display without adding any eyesores, and that includes ZTE.

ZTE’s Axon 20 5G was the first major smartphone released with one of these all-new selfie cameras, finally forgoing the need of a notch, cutout, or anything else to take away from our screens. But by many accounts, that selfie camera was just not good enough, even for being a new piece of technology.

Now it seems that ZTE is ready to try again as the company has revealed its second-generation selfie camera that will also rest under the display. This new camera sensor has an increased pixel density of 400PPI, up from the 200PPI on the first-generation camera. Along with higher pixel density, ZTE claims that the display effect between the camera and the display itself has been improved to be much more consistent. Plus, this new camera sensor will be able to reach refresh rates of 120Hz, up from 90Hz on the first iteration.

While it’s exciting to see ZTE make the necessary improvements for its lacking hardware, it’s even more exciting to see what new technology is being developed. This new selfie camera is also said to feature the “world’s first under-screen 3D structured light technology”. That may seem like a bunch of tech jargon, but essentially the camera is also capable of being used for 3D face recognition, along with “living body detection”.

We’re sure that Samsung is already hard at work on something similar for future Galaxy devices. But we’re so excited to be so close to having full displays at our disposal, without worrying about notches, cutouts, or mechanized hardware just to take some selfies. Here’s to hoping that ZTE gets it right the second time around and that Samsung brings us something similar with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Source: Android Authority (via Weibo)

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