Nov 23rd, 2020

We’ve known that Samsung, along with other handset makers, have been working on a way to put the front-facing camera under the display of the phone. This is to help create full screen smartphones without any notches, hole-punch cutouts, popup cameras, and so on, but to date, Samsung has yet to reveal anything.

That could change in 2021 because according to the latest rumors out of South Korea, it seems that Samsung’s first in-display camera could make its debut in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The handset is rumored to make an appearance in the third-quarter of 2021, which means that we’ll have a bit of waiting to do before we actually see how it works.

It also means that the Galaxy S21, rumored for January 2021, will not be getting the technology. It could also hint that assuming Samsung doesn’t kill off the Note series like the rumors claim they are considering, the in-display camera could also find its way into the Note 21 next year.

To date, Samsung has already been beaten to the market from other handset makers like ZTE, although we haven’t tested it out ourselves so we can’t speak to whether or not its implementation was successful or if there is a noticeable drop in camera quality. Either way, we suppose being first to the market isn’t that big of a deal and that doing it right is more important, so hopefully we’ll see some impressive images from Samsung next year.

Source: 9to5Google

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