10 Best Free Online Invoice Generators


No matter if one is a freelancer or a small business owner, invoices are necessary to keep a record of finances. An invoice also enables a person to manage their payments. However, the whole process can be lengthy.

Under such circumstances, an online invoice generator is the best option. It creates professional invoice templates that allow users to manage their transactions and amply communicate with them.

Why Should I Use Invoice Generator?

For a newbie, it could be a challenging endeavor to create an invoice. The manual formatting takes much time. Moreover, there is always a chance of making a false invoice due to human error.

One can prevent all the challenges mentioned earlier by using an online invoice generator. Following are the list of reasons why an online tool is the most reliable option to create an invoice:

  • Saves Time

An online invoice creator saves much time. It offers the users a ready-made template. From there, they only have to add their company name, logo, and transaction details.

  • Completely Free

There is no cost to using an online invoice generator. The user can access a variety of templates from the free invoice maker without any hassle.

  • Enables Accuracy

The bookkeeping process demands accuracy, which is challenging using conventional means. However, with an online invoice generator, one can easily bypass any inaccuracies and keep track of all financial dealings.

1. The Best Invoice Generator – WeInvoice

There are so many options to create invoices online that it becomes challenging to identify which one is the best. However, if a person is looking for a free platform that lets them complete the task in just a few clicks, then WeInvoice is the best invoice generator.

1.1 Why Is WeInvoice The Best Generator?

An extensive amount of utilities provided by an online tool make it the best among its competitors. This section will discuss why WeInvoice is the most reliable online invoice maker by looking into the platform’s facilities.

  • Quickens the Payment Process

Undoubtedly, invoice creation takes a hefty amount of time to finish. However, when a person uses WeInvoice, they have several resources at their disposal to quickly make an invoice and send it to the client to receive payments. The whole online process reduces much unnecessary effort.

  • Variety of Invoice Templates

WeInvoice has a vast library of templates that the user can select and start putting their details on without wasting time. The list includes blank, Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Docs invoice templates. Moreover, it can create invoices in 5 different languages, which is an added benefit for non-English speakers.

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  • Easy to Use

WeInvoice has a user-friendly interface enabling the user to create an invoice within a few minutes. The user can add details such as their name, company information, or payment description instantly.

1.2 How to Make an Invoice Easily?

If one does not know how to make an invoice, then check this section of the article. We will discuss how to make an invoice with WeInvoice in the list of steps given below:

Step 1: Run the browser of any device and access the invoice generator page of WeInvoice. Open any template available on the platform.

Step 2: Add the necessary information such as Name, Company Details, Transaction info, and Email Address. The tool allows the user to remove specific elements from the pre-customized template if they do not require it for the invoice. Moreover, customize the color of the template and add any currency from invoice settings.

Step 3: Click on Save to download the invoice in PDF. That’s it!

Feel Free to Get a Trial on WeInvoice Now: www.weinvoice.com

2. Free Invoice Generator – Freshbooks

FreshBooks is a simple and free-to-use platform to create or manage invoices online. The innate interface makes the whole billing/invoicing process quick and easy. The user can add information like company name/logo, amount, due date, and invoice number.

Users can open and customize invoices from any computer or smartphone. Additionally, the platform offers accounting and time-tracking tools to manage small businesses efficiently. The Lite package starts at $13.50, enabling the user to send unlimited invoices to a maximum of 5 clients.


  • A free 30-day trial
  • Accessible on Android and iOS device


  • Expensive

3. Online Invoice Generator – Logaster

Logaster is among the well-known online invoice creating platforms, which is free for all users. The simplistic web layout allows freelancers or small business owners to create their invoices within a few moments. One can easily add payment details and other invoice parameters during the settings menu. However, there are only three invoice templates available.

There is no need to create an account on Logaster to edit or download the invoice. Overall, it is an excellent tool to edit branded invoices. Still, the user has to purchase the service to access their custom-made company logo without any watermark.


  • Built-in logo generator
  • No technical skill required to navigate the tool


  • Limited invoice templates

4. Create Invoice on Multiple Devices – Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Online is an all-purpose accounting tool that lets the user keep track of all finances. The platform offers small businesses to manage professional-looking invoices in no time. 

Moreover, there is a vast variety of invoice templates with beautiful color schemes that the user can pick to design a template before sending it to their clients. It makes the payment process easy. The plus plan is available for $17 per month and offers to track inventory and other projects.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Payment scheduling is available


  • The start package is only available for one user

5. Invoice Generator with Template – Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source online service to create professional-looking invoices for businesses. Moreover, one can manage their payments using the service’s wide variety of tools like time tracker, proposal creator, bulk emailing quotations, and more.

Besides, the free version lets the user access up to 4 different invoice and quotation templates. The free version also offers to integrate 40 payment gateway options and use the auto-billing facility. Moreover, by paying $10 per month, the client can use 10 different invoice templates. Overall, the tool is excellent and manageable on all devices.


  • Completely free
  • Numerous features


  • Hard to navigate

6. Free Invoice Maker – Square

Square is another high-quality online tool to manage or create invoices for free. The user only has to select the template and enter relevant details such as name, company info, logo, email, and phone number to get a professional-looking invoice.

There are other facilities available on the platform, such as automatic tracking, invoice history, and business performance analytics. The interface is light and takes mere minutes to generate an invoice.


  • Fast and easy
  • Available on all platforms


  • Need an account to create an invoice on Square

7. Invoice Creator for Free – Wave

No matter if one has to track their investment, check financial reports, or create professional invoices, Wave is a reliable choice for every task for free. There is no need to create an account to access the invoice generator.

Moreover, the tool provides the means to incorporate receipts into your accounting reports. The users can download the invoices in multiple formats, including PDF, Word, Google Docs, and Excel.


  • Available on all platforms
  • Multi-currency


  • Limited customer support

8. Software to Make an Invoice Online  – Zoho Invoice

Overall, Zoho is one of the most well-known tools to manage businesses, emails, and finances. Its online invoice generator tool is extremely easy to use. The user only has to enter relevant information such as the client’s details, invoice number, and payment description from the template. They can also receive auto alerts for the customized billings.

Additionally, one can generate invoices in various other currencies. Other facilities available on Zoho include time tracking, workflow automation, and expenses tracking. The professional plan is available for $29 per month. It enables the freelancer or business owner to create invoices for an unlimited number of clients.


  • Multilingual
  • Invoices downloadable in various formats


  • Only 5 invoices with the free package

9. Tool to Create an Invoice on Computer – Pancake

Pancake App offers a comprehensive platform to create, manage, and track invoices. Moreover, users can schedule their payments. They can also integrate the tool with an online payment gateway such as PayPal and Stripe.


  • Numerous features
  • Offers live demo


  • Costly
  • Difficult to use

10. Online Invoice Maker – Invoice2go

Invoice2go offers an easy interface that creates new invoices and instantly loads old ones. Moreover, it tracks the outstanding payments and keeps all finances of freelancers or small business owners in order.

Users who want to send unlimited invoices using Invoice2go can do that by purchasing the service for $33.34 per month. Additional features of the tool include creating business reports and receiving payments.


  • Free trial
  • Invoice app for smartphones


  • Not pocket friendly


Invoice generators make it easier for small business owners and freelancers to create a presentable invoice and keep track of all transactions. All such features weren’t available before with the conventional means. Additionally, they let the user focus on more important things related to the business and less on the administrative tasks that reduce productivity.

Still, the task of picking the right tool for the job is challenging itself. Here, we have discussed the 10 best free invoice generators that work on all platforms. Though each service is convenient, WeInvoice is the best one of the lot. It is due to the ease of use and additional features it offers to create invoices professionally.  

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