How to Do a Free Phone Number Lookup?


In today’s internet of things (IoT) world, one of the most beautiful things that technology brings to us is our cell phones. With a cell phone, you can reach out to your old time friends or reconnect with your family member who lives abroad. 

Unfortunately, scammers or fraudsters can also use a mobile phone to defraud unsuspecting members of the public of their hard-earned money. 

These scammers usually pick random phone numbers to call and try their luck. One way to protect yourself is to use a free reverse phone lookup service. In this article, we will walk you through the best reverse phone lookup for free and how to do a free reverse phone lookup.

Can I Do a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Online?

Absolutely, you can do a free reverse phone lookup online. The process is really easy. If you are connected to the internet, you can simply look up the phone number online and get basic information about the scammer, which makes you know who called me online too. 

If you use Google to search for free reverse phone number lookup services, you would be overwhelmed with the number of services that Google will present to you. However, one service that is very outstanding out of all the service providers is CocoFinder. 

The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Platform for Free – CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a leading free reverse phone lookup service provider. In terms of database, ease of use, and customer service, CocoFinder ranks very high compared to other service providers, which can also help you to protect your vulnerable kids and family at large.

The free reverse phone number lookup service on CocoFinder will enable you to check your target’s court records, criminal records, employment records, and educational history. Employers of labor can even use CocoFinder to carry out background checks on any potential candidate they intend to employ in their company. The good thing is that this service is free of charge. 

Additionally, users can find their target on CocoFinder using different information, including their email addresses, full name, phone number, traffic records, date of birth, and criminal records.

CocoFinder Official Website: www.cocofinder.com

How to Do a Free Phone Number Lookup by CocoFinder? 

The free reverse phone lookup service on CocoFinder is easy to facilitate. As a matter of fact, the team at CocoFinder is constantly seeking easy ways for users to find their target. If you follow through with the below instructions, you will be able to use CocoFinder to find your target within seconds:

  • Launch your preferred browser and visit the CocoFinder website.
  • From the homepage, navigate to the free reverse phone lookup service tab and click on the free phone lookup tab.
  • Enter your target’s phone number and click “search”
  • Allow some seconds for CocoFinder to pull up your target’s information. If you have a solid internet connection, it won’t take up to 3 minutes to complete this process.

Do a free reverse phone lookup with CocoFinder now!

Free Phone Number Search with CocoFinder

CocoFinder is a service provider that gives you the opportunity to reveal an unknown caller within seconds through a phone number search. Find below why you should consider using CocoFinder to search for your targets. 

What Makes CocoFinder the Best

CocoFinder is the leading service provider when it comes to free reverse phone lookup. 

    • Large Database: CocoFinder boasts of a large database connected to public records. Whether you want to unveil the identity of a target living in the US or you want to search for a long-time friend, CocoFinder has got you covered.
  • Genuine Results: If you use CocoFinder, the results displayed on your screen are 100% accurate. No more, no less. What you see on your screen is what you get. 
  • Unveil a Target’s Identity: Aside from unveiling your target’s identity, you can use CocoFinder to run a quick background check on your target. Our platform also supports all devices. 
  • Safety and Protection: There are times your CocoFinder guarantees safety and maximum protection. You can use CocoFinder to protect your vulnerable children or any of your vulnerable family members. 

Some Special Features on CocoFinder

With the CocoFinder platform, you can look up the background information of an unknown caller, their work history, and their current location. In fact, CocoFinder is an all-in-one platform where you can easily find out someone’s information with their phone numbers.

  • Address Lookup: If you want to determine the current location of someone, you can use address lookup to unveil it. Our platform will let you quickly find the person’s location in real-time. Whether you target lives in New York or California, you will unveil his/her location with ease.
    • Background Check: Recruiters or employers of labor can use this service to track the background or employment history of their employees or potential employees. This service can also check the criminal records of potential employees.
    • People Search: We have our database connected to public records. This means that you can easily unveil a scammer when they attempt to scam you of your hard-earned money.
  • White Pages: You can use our white pages to get a full report about an unknown person like their address, full names, and phone numbers. 

Tap here to search people quickly>>

Who Need to Run a Reverse Phone Lookup? 

If you want to protect yourself and your family members from the evil doings of scammers, then you need the free reverse phone lookup service. You can also use the cell phone lookup service to pull up the information of someone you don’t know. 

For instance, if you run the free reverse phone lookup service to unveil the identity of an unknown caller, you will get vital information about the caller, including their known aliases, current location, address history, phone carrier, line type, spam level, employment history, as well as their family members. 

With this information handy, it becomes easy to report the unknown caller to security agencies. The police department, for instance, can use this information to track the scammers and apprehend them. You may also decide to block the phone number if you so wish. 

Free Cell Phone Number Lookup with Name (No Charge)

There are other methods of looking up someone’s phone number, including the following:

Telephone Number Lookup – Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world. You can also use Google for cell phone number lookup with ease. To use Google or other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, simply type the person’s phone number in the search bar and hit the search button. The results would be available in seconds. You need to go through the results to find your target’s information.

Free Phone Number Search – Social Media

You can also use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to find a target’s information with their phone number. To use social media’s cell phone lookup, simply enter the target’s phone number in the search bar and start the search process. The only drawback of using this free cell phone lookup is that not everyone has an account on social media platforms.


Using the free reverse phone lookup service is the best way to lookup someone’s information with their phone number. You can use this service just like CocoFinder to search for your loved ones, family members, and old-time friends. You can also use it to unveil the identity of a scammer who called your number and do a free people search online. 

The telephone number lookup service by CocoFinder is user-friendly and easy to use. There are no complex procedures and ultimately it is free of charge. So, if you are always wondering whose phone number is this, visit our official website and start a free phone number lookup. 

Use CocoFinder and have a trial for free now!

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