Oppo and Vivo will challenge Samsung with their own foldable smartphones


In the foldable space, Samsung more or less dominates the market. The company has released three foldable smartphones to date, putting them well ahead of the competition from the likes of Huawei and Motorola, but it looks like Samsung’s dominance could be challenged by Oppo and Vivo.

This is according to a series of posts made on Weibo over in China where a tipster claims that both Oppo and Vivo are working on their own foldable smartphones. This report doesn’t really come as a surprise as back in 2019, both Oppo and iQOO (a Vivo sub-brand) showed off concepts, so it was really only a matter of time before they became a commercial reality.

The difference in this case is that unlike the concepts that were shown off before that featured a foldable display on the outside, the models developed by Oppo and Vivo are rumored to fold inwards, similar to the phones by Samsung. It’s hard to say for sure if these rumors are accurate, but as Samsung forges ahead with foldable phones, it makes sense that the company’s competitors aren’t going to sit idly by.

At the moment, foldable phones still haven’t become as mainstream as many would have liked (or hoped) as pricing is still a huge barrier, but Samsung is said to be working on more accessible foldables this year, so maybe that could help increase the adoption rate of foldable handsets.

Source: GSMArena

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