Dec 16th, 2020

The concept of foldable phones hold a lot of promise, but the main thing we think that’s holding adoption back is price. Foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 are priced simply way too expensive for the average consumer, especially with unproven technology like foldable displays.

This means it’s hard to take a chance on a product that you are not too familiar with, but that is expected to change in 2021. In an editorial posted on its website, Samsung smartphone chief TM Roh promises that next year, the company will be releasing more foldable phones, some of which will be more accessible than before.

“We believe everyone should have access to the latest mobile technologies and a spectrum of product options that offer unfettered, personalized experiences. In 2021, our diverse product portfolio will deliver breakthrough capabilities that empower you and never hold you back.

True to our heritage of staying ahead of the curve with trailblazing mobile tech, we’ll be expanding our portfolio of foldables, so this groundbreaking category is more accessible to everyone.”

Roh’s comments actually corroborate a report we heard earlier this year in which it was suggested that a cheaper Samsung foldable phone could be in the works. Samsung is also expected to be very aggressive with its foldables next year, where we heard that the company could be bringing as many as four to five models to the market.

That being said, we’re not sure how cheap Samsung plans to price its foldables next year, but if you have been eyeing foldable phones, hopefully next year we’ll see more affordable models.

Source: Samsung

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