Samsung could be downgrading the cover display for the Galaxy Z Fold 3


Even before Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note series would not be coming in 2021, the hype train was in full effect for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. That’s likely due to the vast change in design that we saw between the original Galaxy Fold and the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung essentially released an all-new device only tying itself to the last product in name and concept.

Since then, we’ve seen a ton of rumors about the potential tri-folding design of the Z Fold 3, along with an improved display that would finally add S Pen support. After seeing S Pen support added to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the desire for this feature to come to Samsung’s next foldable only intensified.

While many of the rumors that we’ve been seeing and reading have pointed to a positive trend for the upcoming foldable flagship, there’s a new rumor swirling about that may not be great. A new leak has appeared which reveals some information about both the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. For the Z Flip, it seems that the primary display will measure 6.7-inches when unfolded while sporting a 1.9-inch outer display. But for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, this spreadsheet reveals a 7.7-inch main display while the cover display will shrink to a mere 5.4-inches.

The resolution of this outer display is said to come in at 2260 x 816, which is great news for pixel snobs. However, considering that the current Z Fold 2’s cover display measures at 6.23-inches, this will come as quite a shock to some.

After seeing the Huawei Mate X2, it only reaffirmed that some of us would like to see a wider cover display, and not one that has been shrunken down entirely. Being able to have a folding smartphone that can be used without dealing with too much cramping on the outer display would be the dream, along with an improved inner display for S Pen support.

But if this leak comes to fruition, then Z Fold 3 fans may be left a bit disappointed.


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