Why Do YouTubers Want Likes: Main Features of This Metric


Like is an ultimate tool that connects YouTube creators and their viewers. Unlike many other popular social networks, YouTube likes are an instrument to show support and disappointment in the video as well. Instagram, for example, has eliminated the exact counter of little hearts to prevent mental health issues that can be triggered by that. The role of this metric on the most recognized video hosting platform is huge, so no wonder that gaining more thumbs-up is one of the biggest concerns of platform users from all industries. 

What Do Likes Do? The Importance, Role and Influence of Them on YouTube

Under each video that is placed on video hosting, we can see two very important buttons – thumbs-up, accompanied by the word “like”, and thumbs down. These are little things that impact the platform a lot. The balance between dislikes and likes is a vital characteristic for entrepreneurs and brands as it indicates the genuine quality of the content. Also, this metric is influencing the rankings of YouTube, hence more thumbs up means a better position in the Trending page and search results. Better visibility provides you more hearts, so this system works endlessly.

For users, thumbs-ups are representing a tool that helps them to connect with the creator and express their support without any effort. Besides that, they are a practical thing too. With their help, both viewers and YouTubers can track the popularity of a video and consider if it worth watching. 

How Do Likes Help With Engagement? Main Benefits to Have a Lot of Them on a Video

Of course, likes help you a lot with the engagement rate on YouTube. And again, remember that you have to track this metric carefully because it is your marker of content quality. People will be more motivated to put a favor to a video if it is interesting and catchy to them. So, with a small CTA from your side (meaning – remind your viewers that their hearts will help you to produce more content), the counter will start spinning and you will initiate the process of connection between you as a creator and your audience. And this connection is what builds the level of engagement. Sure, the strategy for increasing your engagement level is a complex of many factors, but it is defined that likes on YouTube play a good part in triggering the interest of the audience. 

The fact is that hearts are an equivalent of social approval, and people are trusting such videos more. The offer on the market of YouTube blogging is huge, so users often choose content to watch, relying on the popularity of an entrepreneur. How can users measure it? Here come the likes!

What Happens When You Like a Video on YouTube?

When you hit a thumbs up under the video, it is your silent consent for acknowledging and appreciating the work that the creator has put in it. The expression of gratitude, if you may. If you are signed in when you are liking a YouTube video, it will be added to your personal collection section named “Liked Videos”. The algorithm of the network that is responsible for categorizing and suggesting content for users will take this category on count and show you similar videos. 

For YouTubers, every like they get is a motivation and analytical instrument as well. By comparing the stats achievements for every piece of the content, the creator can improve their performance and eliminate or change things that their viewers didn’t consider engaging and worth attention. 

Do YouTubers Get Paid for Likes? Does the YT Monetization Depend on their Number?

YT creators don’t get a financial reward directly for the amount of hearts they have. Mostly, YouTubers have revenue from Ads that may be integrated with their videos, and personal collaborations with brands. But, there is a dependency between the number of thumbs up and the rating system on YouTube. Big numbers mean better rating, thus the bigger visibility and increasing of other metrics. For bloggers, especially those who regard their channel as the main source of profit, likes help to estimate their value and realize what content will reach more people throughout the platform. So, having many thumbs ups for them is basically an assistant in their monetization. 

Devoted and hard-working bloggers who maintain a good balance of all their social media characteristics get more options for monetization, like the possibility to approach and receive advertising contracts from established brands. 

Tip: alternative method for increasing your revenue from YT is launching Patreon or a similar profile. People can donate money as a sign of their support and appreciation. 

Ways to Get More Likes on Youtube

The initial question that is rising in your head is probably how to get more likes and improve your performance on YouTube. Well, the main secret for getting more thumbs up is that you should work on attracting the viewers to your content and retain them with the quality and contents of your video. 

Knowing these two vital conditions, it is possible to understand what you must do. So, here are fast and effective methods to get more thumbs ups for sure:

  • Go for appealing headlines with a bit of intrigue – this way you trigger the attention of the really interested audience
  • Be consistent in your posting – users on the platform demand a certain regularity, at least once a week, so you won’t lose the interest of your audience
  • Create custom thumbnails, to make your videos look more professional and distinctive to the user
  • Put in calls-to-action to remind users about hitting the button (sometimes they forget to do that)
  • Use analytics for comparison and improvement, so you don’t swim blindly

  • Watch carefully for the behavior of your viewers
  • Interact with your audience – you are very interested in big engagement level as it is tagging along all other metrics with it
  • Categorize your content with the help of playlists, so your viewers are caught up on your page for a longer time
  • Work on tags and hashtags to increase your search optimization and make your content more accessible for target group and occasional visitors
  • Cross-promote your videos on other social networks, making your online presence vast
  • Purchase likes if there is a budget and you know a fine legit service to buy from

Where & How to Buy Likes on YouTube? Is it Safe?

The possibility to get likes on YouTube for money is quite controversial yet it must be mentioned for full disclosure. Officially, buying any stats on this platform is restricted. People who are not careful and thoughtful about their purchases or understand the purpose of buying stats wrong will end up having their channel banned and lose their influence and profit. 

However, there are situations when such a purchase can assist you in your growth. Likes matter as an indication of your content potential, that is what we know. More you have – better rate of social approval. 

Thus, sometimes you can boost the interest of new users to your videos by increasing your like numbers manually. This is an example of a good purpose of purchased thumbs-ups – they come as a help to attract the audience, and do not substitute it. 

So the key to understanding if you really need to buy any stats for your YouTube channel, is what step you are at now. For beginners, sometimes moderate amounts of purchased metrics can help beat the competition and adjust the reach. Your first concern is finding the best service where you can buy YouTube likes and feel safe about it. A good example is this one :)

The Ultimate Like Generator

The most motivating thing of all is creating top-quality content. Whatever you do, your main goal is to produce original and interesting content. This task can be hard because the competition on YouTube is now higher than ever. But if you have an unusual angle of view on pretty common things, or have good skills in something, or produce something coll – it is worth it to try and enter the race for success. What people also appreciate the most in their favorite influencers is their passion and genuine interest in the chosen topic. 

And don’t forget good manners. Being friendly, kind, and positive will bring the same vibe back to you, providing likes, views, and other important metrics essentially. 

What Metric Is More Important: Views or Likes?

To be honest, this question is rhetoric because the success of a YouTube channel relies on a mix of many factors, and requires the accurate analysis of all your metrics, including both likes and views. You cannot define what is more important between these two, because each metric identifies different angles of your performance. 

Views are counted automatically, and if a person has watched your video and their view has counted in your analytics, it still doesn’t mean they actually liked your content. On the contrary, thumbs up are helping you to understand what your audience appreciates the most and adjust your performance according to the data you received from that. People can like or dislike your videos without necessarily subscribing to your channel, so having more likes than subs in your account is a good sign for you. It means that your content is interesting to a vast audience. At the same time, it gives you a hint that there is something you miss in your work, because people don’t subscribe to you for a reason, even if they like your videos. 

Likes vs Dislikes 

Dislikes are also a huge power on YT. This little button can drown your channel, and also give you an insight into your content – by comparing different kinds of content and estimating negative to positive balance. You can understand what kind of your videos are the most clicking with your viewers by solely checking out which ones get more dislikes. Luckily YouTube also has an analytics section for understanding your progress. To see that metric, just visit your engagement tab, click there “see more” and enable the “Likes vs dislikes” – after setting up the needed date range in the menu you will see the overall statistic of your like to dislike balance. Or you can use a marketing data monitoring tool and make it easier, because sometimes numbers can be boring.

Don’t be afraid to get dislikes. Everybody gets them eventually because it is impossible to create something that will be appreciated by 100% of people living on Earth. Even cute animal videos get them. After all, this is still improving your engagement rate. However, too many of them on your content is something you should think over. 

Sometimes, people are getting many dislikes for hype. This can work for controversial types of content that are spinning on the edge of morality or common sense. This strategy can be compared to the term of black PR, but in the end, it can attract attention to the personality behind the video, not to the content itself. This method of growth is risky and in most cases, the popularity that was gained this way fades quickly. 


As we can see from this article, likes are vital for YouTube growth for many reasons. Achieving many signets of support means a lot to them and they are motivated to create more. Besides, there are many practical bonuses that are brought by them:

  • Tracking the preferences of your audience;
  • Seeing points to improve in your content;
  • Attracting more viewers;
  • Better ranking and search results;
  • Real social approval agent.

Your channel cannot be growing solely on the power of thumb-ups, but it is hard to doubt that thumbs up are coming in great help while you are struggling for your place under the YouTube sun. 

The ultimate advice for beginners would be that even though hearts are very important for your growth, but you shouldn’t concentrate on them too hard. When your strategy is good, likes on YT come naturally, and you just have to keep an eye on them. Good luck, and don’t forget to like your favorite YouTuber’s latest video!

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