VIP-SCDkey MARCH MADNESS: Windows 10 PRO OEM Key $12 only one week!


Are you looking to throw together a new PC? If you are, then you’ll need a fresh copy of Windows 10 for your brand new PC. It just so happens that for March, the good folks at VIP-SCDKey are hosting their March Madness sale where for just one week only, you’ll be able to get your hands on Windows 10 Pro OEM for just $12. Talk about a steal!

VIP-SCDKey’s March Madness sale includes a 30% include for a bunch of other software including the Home version of Windows 10 as well as Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 2019. All you need to do is enter the skpha code upon checkout to enjoy the 30% discount.

What is OEM?

Some of you might be wondering what is OEM and how is it so much cheaper compared to retail? Is it legal? Is it a pirated copy you’re purchasing? First of, OEM keys are legal. They are usually keys that are sold to computer makers who need to install Windows 10 on the computers they are building and selling.

As manufacturers tend to build PCs in the tens of thousands, if not millions, obviously purchasing Windows 10 at retail price would be too expensive, which is why OEM keys exist. The main difference is the number of times you can use an OEM key. OEM keys are usually good for one install, but retail keys let you transfer the license from one PC to another.

Depending on your need, OEM is usually cheaper even if you have to purchase multiple copies.

Don’t miss the other sales

If you’re not necessarily looking for a copy of Windows 10 Home or Pro or Microsoft Office, don’t worry because VIP-SCDKey also sells other software like antivirus tools and video games. The best part is that the skpha code is applicable for those purchases as well so you’ll be able to enjoy a 30% discount not just on Windows or Office, but other software s too.

Do take note that this March Madness sale by VIP-SCDKey will only run until the 1st of April. This doesn’t mean that the sale will no longer be available, it’s just that instead of a 30% discount, it will be reverted to 15% instead, which is still pretty decent, but why not take advantage of the 30% discount while it’s still active?

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