Essential Testing Solutions for accurate Cross Browser Testing results


Owing to the super dynamic application industry, the area where the QA’s suffer the most is cross-browser compatibility. The overwhelming gamut of variations like device – browser combinations, device -os combinations, their updations, screen sizes, form factor, etc makes it a challenging job for QA teams and developers to bring compatibility in applications for the entire devices in the target market. It is difficult to get a breakthrough solution for this issue but yes we can achieve accuracy by following some technicalities. So let’s discuss these essential elements which will help us get accurate results for cross-browser testing. 

Using Cloud platform:

Cross-browser testing is one of the most crucial test suites for developing high-performance applications but at the same time it is one of the most complicated testing cycles and hardware and networking as the different variations involve adding more devices for cross-browser testing. It facilitates seamless parallel testing and is highly scalable. You can easily perform testing with multiple testing frameworks in a cloud platform. Above all cloud platforms being virtual we can easily perform cross-browser testing by collaborating with teams geographically separated and most importantly helps perform uninterrupted cross-browser testing during odd situations like a pandemic.

Parallel testing:

Device fragmentation is the most common issue in testing and it can be solved by testing your application on multiple numbers of devices in the target market. Parallel testing increases the speed of testing by multiple folds otherwise cross-browser testing becomes extremely time and cost consuming. More the number of devices connected in parallel, you can perform parallel testing on those devices to get accurate results. 

Automation testing: 

Parallel testing is a must for improving the test cycle time for cross-browser testing but its the automation which drives the cross-browser testing to achieve productivity. For eg. you are testing a combination of 10 browsers and 10 operating systems through a test case that takes 10 minutes for execution, then it will take 100 minutes and with automation testing, it will take just 10 minutes. So automation testing is very important for driving cross-browser testing successfully and achieving productivity.

Using highly Scalable testing platform:

The application industry is highly dynamic and to survive the dynamic demands of the customers, you need to make sure that you are using a highly scalable platform that can adapt to the future requirements of the customer at any given point of time. Having a scalable testing platform is a must for cross-browser testing as the list of browsers, os, devices keep on changing and accordingly we need to add or remove devices as per the project requirement. Hence scaling also helps in reducing the cost incurred in using unnecessary devices in a project. 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence: 

Application development has evolved out of a range of sdlcs starting from waterfall to agile and DevOps. All these development cycles offered a better speed and quality over each other. But futuristic technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence can increase the speed of testing cycles by offering codeless automation. The flakiness of the test cycles can also be decreased by with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. If you want to get an edge on cross-browser testing then do make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


For developing high-performance applications, cross-browser testing is a must and to achieve maximum productivity for cross-browser testing we must plan some strategies and utilize certain techniques for accurate results. Cross-browser testing is indeed a complicated process and to make it simple you can follow some of the above steps like testing over the cloud, parallel testing, choosing highly scalable platforms, automation testing, utilizing artificial intelligence. The above five techniques will definitely make the tedious and complicated process of cross-browser testing faster, simpler and more accurate.

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