Microsoft Surface Duo 2 expected to launch later this year


Following the success that Microsoft had with the Surface series of tablets and laptops, many were hoping to see that extend to smartphones. It kind of did with the Microsoft Surface Duo that launched last year, although there were many reasons that it was kind of a disappointing launch.

Microsoft is hoping to have a second chance because according to a report from Windows Latest, the company is set to launch the Surface Duo 2 later this year. Some of the upgrades and improvements made to the device include a newer processor and the inclusion of 5G, something that was missing from the handset last year.

It is also said to include machine learning that will apparently boost the camera’s capabilities, making it similar to how Google has approached the cameras on its Pixel smartphones.

While there’s nothing wrong with the design of the phone, what many had found rather odd with the original model was that for a phone launching in 2020, Microsoft had opted to use a chipset that was from 2019. The lack of 5G was also rather puzzling given that many phones started to adopt the technology already.

All of this contributed to a lackluster launch, which is kind of a pity as the design and its concept held a lot of promise, so here’s hoping that Microsoft will be able to do right by their fans this year.

Source: Windows Latest

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