OnePlus is making a hard pass on current wireless charging tech


OnePlus is expected to unveil their OnePlus 7 this year and it will represent the company’s latest smartphone efforts to date. Unfortunately, it seems that if there is one feature that fans have been asking for that has yet to make an appearance, it would be wireless charging in which OnePlus seems to still be insistent on not including.

Speaking during an interview at MWC 2019, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau cites how the company believes that their wired charging solution is better compared to the “far inferior” wireless charging.

“OnePlus charging is one of the best. Wireless charging is far inferior.”

According to Lau, it seems that wireless charging is still not quite at the place OnePlus would like for them to introduce it to their phones. The company is instead working on helping to develop wireless charging technology to help deliver more power to make it charge faster without producing too much heat, but when exactly OnePlus’ solution will appear on the market is unclear as Lau himself has stated that he doesn’t have a date yet.

It is true that OnePlus does have one of the faster wired charging solutions in the market to date. It is also true that wireless charging in its current state isn’t quite as fast as many would like, although companies such as Xiaomi have made some inroads by offering 20W wireless charging support for its recently launched Mi 9.

There are benefits to wireless charging such as not having to plug and unplug your device, but for now, it appears that OnePlus believes that the cons outweigh whatever pros current wireless charging has to offer, so don’t expect to see the feature make its way into the OnePlus 7.

Source: CNET

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